Sandles have always been in fashion . They are seen more through the practical aspect of its functioning rather than the style aspect. While it serves all the particular functions of protecting the feet, it provides enough space so that the feet can breathe and air can pass through. Gola sandles are widely popular around the globe for  its versatality. It has all the essential qualities of a normal sandle and some additional benefits. Lets discuss few of them in brief.

Comfortable and Practical

Gola sandles are made to face the tough conditions. It is generally made up of EVA sole and upper unit that not only protects the feet from hard impacts but also gives you enough confidence to walk comfortably. It is made for tough situations and is recognized for its practical aspects.

Water Resistant

Gold sandles are made water resistant so that you can forget about water getting soaked into it. Within the minutes it drips away the water droplets with its quick drying constructed surface. The water left in the creases and folds can be easily removed by few air air kicks. In a way, you can say that it does not diffrentiate between dry and wet conditions and keep your feet dry.

Tough and Durable

The 6 Top Benefits Of Gola SandlesIt is made up of tough moulded EVA sole that is soft to feet and hard to the ground. You must have noticed that gola sandles are generally taken care of least. Still they serve us for a very long period of time. They can be called maintainence free and they often do not come with stitching and paddings. They are just a moulded piece of soft sandles that are built to serve the purpose.

Flexibility and Grip

Gola sandles are quite flexible and  you can almost bend your feet upto 75 degree from the ground. They are constructed to provide a snug grip while retaiing the flexibility and comfort.

Style Statement

The 6 Top Benefits Of Gola SandlesGola sandles are recognized for their unique style and fashion influence. Nowadays, various shapes and designs are available in the market that retains the basic functionalities of it while adding to your fashion statement and visual appeal.

Easy to Wear

These are quite easy to wear. You do not have to deal with the straps and laces and just sliding your feet is enough to get go.

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