The recent decade has faced so many health issues than any other decade; at the same time, the world recognized the mechanism called Yoga to achieve a healthy physical and mental fitness. The Yoga has been practiced since so year in India, which become a popular later on days and followed by many people now. It is so simple yet powerful in working out which requires a minimal physical strength with absolute brilliant results. The studies revealed so many reports, which say the yoga helped many people around the world to achieve a better lifestyle. There many positions yoga, each one is different one from another with basic principles and targeted to achieve specific result.

Forward and Fold

This position strengthens your legs and knees with strong pain relief feeling. You have to bend towards the front like folding a paper towards the floor. Do not bend with fast pace, do it very gently it relaxes and makes your knee muscles free. After bending forward try to catch or grab your ankles if possible, stay for 3-5 seconds in that position. When you do this take a slow, deep breath, which makes feel relaxed! Slowly get back to standing position.

4 Yoga Positions That Helps You To Be Fit

Bend Back on Floor

This position also called hero pose, in beginning you have to start with kneel down position slowly start bending to your back in gentle motion. The legs must be behind your back that is you will be on your legs, which are bent back from your knees. When you are leaning to you back you feel strong stretchable feeling your stomach area. It relaxes the muscles of your stomach and knees, which also positively affects the feet.

4 Yoga Positions That Helps You To Be Fit

Nostril Breathing

In this act, we have to sit on floor in normal pose with a relaxed mind. Keep your one arm stretched and placed on your respective knees. With the remaining hand, you have to perform a nostril breathing, place a finger on one nostril and close its breath from the other nostril breath out now from the other nostril by opening the close nostril and you have to close the breathed nostril. It has to be done vice versa, it gives a great breathing exercise which boost your autonomic nervous system and lymphatic system.

4 Yoga Positions That Helps You To Be Fit


In this position you have to sit on your two legs without touching the ground. First, start from standing position slowly start to reach the ground and sit on your two legs, your lower back should be in the air and stretch your back, place your hands on knees and pose it as your saying Namaste to someone. It boosts the downward flowing energy inside your organs and increases the blood flow in them.