If you are considering buying an email list in order to produce your next marketing campaign there are a great deal of advantages in relation to other campaigns. You might think this method is generic or ineffective but it depends how you use it. Having an email database has fantastic potential to bring you successful business as long as you play to the strengths and use them to your advantage. I’ll explain more about these positives as well as red flags to look out for when buying an email list.

Firstly, email marketing offers a contrast of low effort/cost versus reward that’s extremely difficult to beat. You can buy email list at affordable costs and it can be done much quicker than postal mailing and telesales with the added bonus of instantaneous contact. Your copy can be relevant and personalised beyond other marketing campaigns. By creating tailored messages you can connect with customers on a more personal basis and doing so will improve sales conversion. This can also be the start of viral marketing as personalised content is more likely to be shared and then you’ve got additional reach through the viral spread.

Take Email Marketing To The Masses, Personally!

When it comes to purchasing an email list you can continue to narrow your reach to your specific target audience. If you only want to target married doctors living in Florida or single 20-somethings who like playing tennis, that’s fine. Carefully selecting your target audience from an email database around factors such as age, gender, geographical location and income can help you decide what content you want this demographic to see. Once you have your audience finely tuned you can begin testing what content leads respond positively to and by doing so you’re taking another step to improving your sales conversion by creating highly targeted campaigns for your audience. You can also further divide your target demographic by using email marketing segmentation to deliver tailored messages to smaller groups within your audience in order to maintain a personal engagement.

So you have your target audience in mind, you’ve got an email database and now you’re thinking: how do I make this personal? What advantage does email marketing have over the rest? The fact that email is interactive opens up a world of opportunities to create a personalised campaign and coupled with the instant feedback, you can tell what will and won’t work. Try a range of different banners, graphics, images, videos or whatever else you want to put in there and see how your leads react. You can narrow down the successful emails and use the most suitable interactive media in order to engage your lead on a personal level.

A red flag to look out for when buying an email list is to make sure they offer up-to-date leads. You’re not going to get a reply from an email that hasn’t had any activity in years and it’s going to interfere with your analysis of your marketing campaign. If you’re email database is full of dead leads then it doesn’t matter how good your marketing campaign is; you get poor results and useless feedback so bear that in mind when you decide to purchase an email list. If you have a reliable source that has given you high success and low bounce rates, you can buy email lists from them with confidence that their leads are current. This allows you to have frequent campaigns to push your product further from the solid foundations of a campaign that you can see real-time feedback for as well as reliable leads.

But what if despite all these advantages your sales conversion isn’t improving? Well it’s a good job email marketing is the best method for tracking how your campaign performed.  With software available to show you how many emails were opened, which links were clicked or how many times you got marked as junk you have instant performance feedback. This makes testing marketing strategies much simpler and allows you to see which methods will perform well when moving through the rest of your email database.

In summary, an email database offers a great deal of advantages versus more expensive mediums. It provides instant feedback on the success of your campaign, it’s quick and easy to do and you can target your audience to exactly the scope you wish to aim for. As long as you avoid buying email lists from unreliable and out-of-date sources then you are a step closer to improving your sales conversion, your relationship with leads as well as keeping costs to a minimum.