Varicose vein is a type of disease in which the veins present in the leg have difficulty in carrying blood from the toes to the heart region.  The pumping action of the leg muscles aids in pushing the blood along the region. If these valves get weak then blood can pool majorly in the veins of the legs, which exerts more pressure on them. This condition may or may not cause pain.

Due to the increase in pressure, the body attempts to make the veins broad to neutralize. This causes the veins to bulge and become thick and leads to the twisted form of varicose veins.  There are various misconceptions about varicose veins among people. This article takes every myth one by one and offers clarity on each ground.

Varicose veins reoccur after treatment.

This is not true. If the disease reoccurs after successful treatment adopting best technologies then the only reason behind it would be inadequate care. Modern and advanced methods used for the treatment of varicose vein are considered to be better organized, safe and very efficient. When they are treated by a specialized physician the rate of recurrence rate is less than 5%.

Varicose veins is best to be dealt upon completion of pregnancy related issues in a women

Doctor generally advises patients to get the treatment done after pregnancy so as to prevent pregnant women (who are already suffering with pregnancy issues) from getting more pain and discomfort caused by the treatment of varicose veins. New methodologies and treatments adopted by doctors for the treatment of such veins are found to be very safe, painless with 98% of permanent resolution.

Varicose veins treatment is only a cosmetic fix till it is devoid of pain in the leg.

This is a common belief among people that varicose veins are not required to be treated unless they are causing pain to your body. Truth is that varicose veins are detrimental for the health of the patient. Varicose veins are an indication of vascular insufficiency. This condition prevents the smooth blood flow from the heart region and back.

It sometimes leads to hypoxia, inflammation of the skin, connective tissue, muscle and nerve that starts to inflame and leads to excruciating pain. To know about the consequences of this disease click here. Thus, this disease is progressively damaging and needs to be treated prior to the occurrence of pain etc. due to it.

As varicose veins treatment is largely cosmetic, it is excluded from insurance cover.

The treatment for varicose veins is not just a cosmetic issue. The expense incurred in the treatment is always covered by insurance.

These are some of the common myths associated with varicose veins. Hope this article has cleared some of your misconceptions and given you a new broader perspective about the disease. It is very important to treat this disease as early as possible so as to get quick relief and get the benefit of insurance cover.