In the previous days, people mainly ate fresh foods like coconuts, mangoes, kiwis etc. However, with the change in the global economy, the people are able to get food all the time during the year and as a result the trend of using processed food came into existence. Though using processed food is much more convenient than using fresh food, but it has an adverse effect on the health of an individual.

How Local Food Nourishes You and The Environment

Food that is grown locally travels a much shorter distance as compared to people who have traveled very long distances. A lot of fossil fuel is burnt during the time when the food is travelling this long distance. So local food has much smaller carbon footprint as compared to the food traveling from a long distance. If you are purchasing something which has travelled a long distance, it is important that you ensure that they are fair trade certified. The quality of the food depends a lot on how the food is produced. If you are buying food also enquire, from the sellers, if the food is pesticide free.

Susan Rachele is the general manager of a reputed restaurant. She understands the importance of local food in nourishing you and the environment. As a result of this, she ensures that her restaurant serves local food. Her restaurants are quite a well-known name serving delicious and innovative local food.

If you are interested to know, how the local food nourishes you and the environment, then given below is a list of the reasons:

  • One of the most important reasons for you to consume local food is that it will save a lot of honey bees. The extinction of honey bees will have a very bad effect on the planet and for the human species. But researches show that the numbers of honey bees are reducing these days because of the excessive use of pesticides. Local farmers realize the importance of honey bees and are thereby do not use pesticides. Thus use of local food helps in nourishing the environment.
  • It has also been proved that eating seasonal food is also good for your health. When you eat local food you are able to nourish your body with the fresh nutrients of this naturally grown food.
  • Eating local food also encourages some sort of a communal feeling because by eating local food, you are helping the local farmers in increasing their revenue and thereby indirectly helping the economy of your region to grow.

So, whenever you are planning to go to a restaurant, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the most reputed restaurants available. Make sure that you go to a restaurant which serves good local food and also supplies it at an optimum rate.

Susan Rachele has been in the food industry for quite some time, and as a result of this has been quite well versed in the relevant field. Moreover her team consists of a group of local chefs who are experts in making local food.