Imagine having a career full of thrill, excitement and adventure!!!

The Dive master internships in Koh Tao, Thailand provide a variety of courses in diving providing training from beginners to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Dive masters which gives options to go further and opt diving as a professional career. These internships are run on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand and gives exposure to the underwater world of coral reefs, diving sunken shipwrecks and spectacular peaks.

The diving internship packages start from average of 4,000 USD and include everything from getting an accommodation to payment of the application fees, your full set of Scuba equipment, all the student materials, certifications and unlimited diving till the time you are on the internship. The value added feature of this internship is the chance to get involved in Rebreather Divers training in which you are trained to drive powerboats or may even learn to work on the underwater videography. Moreover after an advanced course and some fulfilling some prerequisites you may also become a PADI Dive instructor.

The various courses offered by the Divemaster Internships in Koh Tao include:

The introductory courses:

  1. Discover Scuba Diving Course: For age group 8 years and above, this course is for the people who want to try scuba diving but are not yet ready for a certification course. This program is offered either in a pool or from a dive boat.
  1. Bubble maker: Filled with fun, it is a chance for kids above the age of 8 years to use Scuba gear and breath and swim around in shallow water. The exciting Bubble maker event is very popular for having a birthday celebration or an exciting holiday.
  1. PADI Seal Team: This includes Speciality Aqua Missions for the young Scuba Divers above 8 years of age such as wreck diving, buoyancy, navigation and environmental awareness and much more.
  1. PADI skin diver: For people who are not interested in Scuba diving, the PADI skin diver tells you how to enjoy the underwater world comfortably. This requires prior adequate swimming skills.

The certification Courses:

  1. PADI open water diver:  It is the world’s most popular and recognised Scuba Diving Course. The applicant should be over 10 years of age and should have adequate swimming skills; It gives an unmatched adventure experience to see the world under the water.
  1. PADI Scuba diver: This course is an intermediate step for the open water diver course. If you have shortage of time but still want to get Scuba Diver Certification, this is the course for you.

There are many more courses to improve your skills such as Reactivate-Scuba Refresher, Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Emergency First Response Provider etc.

Also there are other courses which lead you to become a PADI Assistant instructor and Dive master. The Discover Tec Diving courses are also becoming popular in which you get to give technical diving a go.

With the PADI Divemaster internships in Koh Tao, it is your opportunity to travel and work anywhere in the world’s most beautiful locations.