If you are the floor admin of a big multinational or even a small enterprise manager, it would be in your own interest to cut down any unproductive cost. Your primary focus is to, optimize productivity with the least amount of capital. If you look at the expenditure book of your company, you will find that to abide by the state’s health, cleanliness and safety norms, you have to pay a fortune. If you intend to cut down on this expenditure, there are 2 ways to proceed in this regard.

  1. Eliminate or reduce the compensation of health care policy: Even if it looks lucrative, this practice is not at all in the interest of the organization. Most of the worthy employees won’t head to such an organization or stay long in the corporation that pays no attention to their employee’s health and hygiene. They will either leave the organization or work accordingly. Even if some of them stay back with the firm, the reviews about your firm on various corporate discussion threads and social sharing platforms will not be impressive. This will hamper, bright and hardworking individuals to boycott your firm and move in with your competitors. So, overall this approach is not at all viable.
  2. Cut back on professional cleaning service: This approach seems like a more viable option, until you evaluate all the parameters involved. You need to ensure that the environment and cleanliness in your office are up to mark as mentioned by the state and national government norms. However, you can cut down on their quality and frequency of professional cleaning services. This approach may look good on paper, and you can very easily figure out ways to meet the government norms and reduce your investment.  But it is not at all recommended to follow this approach, if you intend to make it big in the industry and earn a name for yourself regarding employee retention and improve the work atmosphere of your organization.

This approach of cutting down on professional office cleaning service, will hurt your company’s image and can disturb the financial inflow into the company. The need of professional office cleaning service is vital to the productivity of the employees. Every employee likes to work in a place that is well organized, clean and sanitized. It is among the priorities of employees, before selecting a workplace. If the office space is not optimized, there are mismanagement resulting in misplacement of documents. Also, the clusters of garbage increase exponentially reducing the efficiency and overall productivity of the workspace. If you feel that you can assign the present resources to do the unproductive work of office cleanliness, then they are left with less time to complete their assigned work that affects the company financially and also tarnish it’s image.

Now, what options are left? Well in order to optimize the productivity with the least amount of capital, you need to select a professional office cleaning service provider. A firm that suits both the employees requirement of a clean and healthy place and fits your budget.