Associating mascot costumes with animals usually cute and chubby ones are common. What we never relate to or fail to comprehend is the mascot being a warrior representation of the team. Having a mascot is common, all sports clubs and school sports team have a mascot that represents them and also have a specific name. What most mascots lack is being elucidated as a warrior of the team that it is representing.  There is a very fine line between being a mascot that represents the team and a mascot that is the synonym to the team. Many times it is observed that mascots have turned into such a hit that audiences refer to the team with its mascot’s name.  Chances of mascot being warrior representation of the team are very less, but you are in luck, here are few tips where you can make your mascot a warrior that represents your team.


There are hundreds of bear, eagle or lion mascot costumes. The more there is schools sports team, the more chances are there of having a common mascot. The only thing that makes your mascot stand out is its unique character and features. What most mascot’s vendor tend to do is provide the character you asked for and no innovation whatsoever. What makes a mascot stand out is its one of a kind composition from color to its fabric material, its eyes, its ears and all that is visible adds to its features. It’s Important that you make sure that the character you choose for your team has its own unique composition that gives its character a touch of team’s  spirit and adds life to the mascot costume.


We might come from different cultures, different tastes, and our characteristics are also different, but all this different elements all adds up to become our personality. Good or bad, interesting or boring we all have a personality that sometimes repel, but most of the time is the reason we are loved and respected. Mascots costume might just be an animated object, but it has its own personality, its own charm. The personality that is one of the reasons that crowd loves it. It is important to have a mascot costume with its own personality that represents a team and still have its own individuality.  Having an individuality of the mascot costume is another feature that allows it to stand out and loved by the crowd.


A personality without depth is just like a man without a soul. Imagine a football team, a sport that demands passion, aggressiveness now imagine a lion mascot with cute eyes and sweet smile representing this football team. Not the kind of mascot you want to see in a football match. . It is the depth of the character of the mascot that speaks to the crowd, engages the audience with the thrill of the game. Another important feature of the mascot is that it should have depth in its personality.

All these features will not only enhance the mascot’s character but, add life to the mascot’s costume and bring out the true warrior in the mascot costume.

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