Sports are loved by everyone in the world regardless of their socioeconomic background. But there are certain sports that are restricted only to the elites. These are the kind of sports that usually played by the breed of wealthy people.

Here we’ve whittled up some of the most expensive sports in the world:

  1. Wingsuiting

Wingsuiting is a kind of airborne sports that involve sailing through the air using a specially-designed outfit known as “wingsuit”. Wingsuit flying is a popular sport in North America and European countries. The interesting thing is that the cost of this sport is not associated with the gear but the safety measures the participant has to comply with to avoid any mishap. This includes renting a plane, paying to trainers, getting insurance and paying to the pilot.

  1. Polo

Apart from being a highly expensive sport, Polo is also one of the oldest sports in the world. History tells us that it was the sports of the elites during the Byzantine Empire.

Polo is a game of the high-brow class of the society. A polo sport is played over a grass field with a set of gear. Typically, a polo player has to possess several ponies and the owner has to bear the cost of their upkeep and training.

Today, it is played in various developed countries around the world and it is sponsored by the big brands due to the heavy maintenance associated with the sports.

  1. Formula 1 Car Racing

One of the most popular sports in the world, Formula 1 Car racing is another sport that requires huge investment of money. The majority of the investment goes into buying the car that costs somewhere between $150000-$200000.

In addition involves other indirect costs that include car maintenance, insurance expenses, and medical costs. All these costs make it one of the highly exclusive and expensive sports in the world.

  1. Sailing

This is yet another sport you will find extremely costly to afford. Sailing is an old water sport and it has been a part of the Olympics sport and it has grown immensely in popularity ever since its inception as a sport.

The sailing sport requires skills in boating, so you have to buy a boat which will cost you approximately $30,000. It also calls for additional maintenance that involves keeping up the boat. The maintenance cost becomes even higher during the on-season when the sport is in its full swing.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning

Imagine yourself gliding through the air at an altitude of 10k-20k feet. Hot air ballooning is an old sport that dates back to the period of French Empire when it used to be the sport of the elites. Even today, it is the game of the aristocrats due to the high cost of the sport.

A hot air balloon will cost you around $20,000 which quite costly for a layman. In addition to its cost of purchase, you will also have to bear with maintenance, training and insurance cost that would make up approximately $100k a year.

  1. Ski Jumping

Played in the colder regions where snowfall is a regular occurrence, Ski jumping is an adventurous sport that involves jumping over a ramp as far as possible. While the maintenance and training costs of the sport are fairly low, it is the insurance and medical expenses that make up the major portion of the overall cost of this sport.

The aforementioned are some of the most expensive sports. It is unfortunate they the laymen cannot play such fun sports due to the high cost of the gear and other expenses.

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