Events and Sports Betting in Australia have seen considerable highs in the past and hold an integral place in the market for race betting in Australia. The number of betting websites that have come up in recent years allow for ease in betting, and are changing the industry at a mind boggling pace.

Does Horse Racing In Sports Betting Still Hold The Same Appeal As It Before?

The horse and sports betting industry are in the transitionary phase as the government is losing interest in TAB operations for sports betting. They are instead more focused on the national wagering market for sports betting in Australia.

Private Websites for BettingAre Gaining Popularity, Fast

The private sector race betting firms are stepping up to the challenge of this growing interest in sports betting, especially when it comes to horse races. As more people enjoy the freedom and relaxation of betting on their chosen pedigree online, these online race betting firms are bridging the gap for those interested in horse race betting.

Just take the reviews on and you’ll see what people have to say about these betting firms and just how easy it is to start betting on your favourite animal. People want an easily accessible solution for betting so they don’t have to make the extra effort.

The Melbourne Cup Viewership

Just look at the viewership of the most anticipated horse racing event in Australia, the Melbourne Cup. Back in 2016, earlier estimates showed that a whopping 5.6 Million Australians 14+ (which constituted 29% of that age group at that time) were going to tune in to the event that was held on 1st November 2016, on a Tuesday.

Back then, it could be seen that the statistics from a year ago had flipped on their head in terms of the age group that was interested in watching the event. People who were mostly under 50 used to watch the event live on TV and now those over 50 years of age constitute the higher percentage who watch it live on their TVs. But it is not entirely representative of the people who are keeping track of the races as online platforms provide them with a way to keep track of the horses that are racing in events.

International Betting

Due to the heavy promotions of betting websites, bettors from Europe and elsewhere have started taking an increasing interest in horse race betting. It is true however that there are a number of different races and events that can now be bet on in Australia, online. Earlier it just used to be horse races, but now there is a wide array of sporting events, which the providers of betting platforms are likely to exploit.

TAB retailers have become quite irrelevant because of the advances and ease provided by the internet. But betting platforms have risen up to provide convenient betting from the ease of one’s arm chair from different parts of the world.

The wagering segment of the betting industry makes most of the revenue because it is one consolidated market and operates as a single market at a national level.