Are you looking for ways to make your wedding an event that your guests are not going to forget? Well, there are a number of options that diverge from the ordinary arrangements to get their attention. From organising large attractions to adding those small, personalised touches, you can show your guests that you’re happy they’re with you to celebrate your big day in a number of ways.

We’ve put together some ideas to get your train of thought started –

Welcome bags! While it is a custom in most Indian weddings to give your guests party favours for informal events and a traditional parcel of sacred coconut and betel leaves for the main ceremony. You could add to this tradition by putting together a fun ‘welcome bag’ for the event. Especially useful for destination weddings, you could fill it up with trinkets that might come in handy and even some basic medicines in case someone needs it.  For your close friends, personalise it further by adding something you’re sure they’ll love (you know who the chocolate addict is!)

Something that works well for a one-day affair and for a destination wedding is giving your guests disposable cameras, put a spin on your wedding photography and have your guests turn wedding photographers  In addition to what the official photographer captures, it might be fun to see what your guests were up to as well.

Make your Own Flower Accessories!

A flower station – ask your florists to put together some flower cuttings, ribbons and other essentials and let your guests get creative! They could make flowery headbands, corsages and boutonnieres or even add a sprig or two to their own hairdos! Ideal to keep children occupied – besides the fun involved, think of the visual treat this could cook up.  What better way for top candid wedding photographers to capture the joy of your wedding than with images of your guests amongst a sea of flowers?

Light it up

Fairy lights are easily available in the market today and most wedding planners are familiar with their use.  Visit the venue and see if there are ways where you can entwine these into your wedding décor! Use them to make a carpet of stars inside the wedding hall for your reception or decorate the flora outdoors with a spread of these delicate lights.

A Memorable Guest Book!

With all the events and the pujas that you need to be part of, you may not get the adequate one-on-one time you want to spend with your friends and family. So put up a corkboard and set up some personalised wedding stationery next to it. Your guests can put down their thoughts and pin them up on the board for you to look at later.  From drawings, quotes and anecdotes – you can have a look at them at your leisure to relive moments of your wedding day.

With some interesting wedding décor, you can easily reflect your personality as a bride in addition to creating the perfect scene for unique candid wedding photography.  Create an impression that lasts on your guests give them a party to remember with some unique wedding décor!