Do you have a new boutique that you have just opened? Are you looking for the right place to get clothes in wholesale for your business? It can be quite confusing to select where to get your clothes from, and if you are interested in importing them, it can be challenging to decide which country offers the best deal. There are certain strategies you could apply to ensure you do business with the right supplier. There has been a drastic increase in the number of people and organizations coming up in the wholesale business. This is due to the very high demand for trendy attires and the consumers are also very conscious budget-wise. Consequently, there has arisen high competition in this textile industry and your best bet is to deal with the best business person only. It would be to your benefit that you do sufficient research on anyone you are about to do business with. Here are some things to keep in mind as you select your wholesale supplier:

  1. Search for the leading brands.

When it comes to fashion, there are some names that are familiar to you, even though you are not an avid fashion enthusiast. Looking for the brands that are most popular among your target market will result in your customers visiting your shop/ boutique to get the brands they are most familiar with and the ones that they have heard a lot about. This will also lead to your clients spending more money on these brands and there is a high likelihood they will come back again. Therefore, identify a supplier that distributes the leading brands.

  1. Identify a supplier who has done the business for a long time.

The years a business person has done business is a sign of the experience the individual has and the reliability of their business operations. Inquiring about the duration that the supplier has conducted this business will give an indication of the service quality. Your business with the supplier will be very profitable.

  1. Select a supplier with a wide range of sizes as well as styles.

There are persons who will just want to come into your shop, not necessarily looking for a specific thing. If you have a wide selection of attires of different styles and sizes, you will give the potential client a lot of material to go through and it is very likely the customer will find something that will be appealing. Since people prefer different styles of clothes and are of different body types, having a large collection to choose from will be as useful to you as having the leading brands.

  1. Your wholesale supplier should have a newsletter.

As a retailer of clothes, you will be needed to be up to date with the occurrences of the industry. Having the latest knowledge on this issue will allow you to effectively plan for your next business move. You will have an idea of what to start selling in accordance with the fashion season. For example, as seasons change, you will be able to acquire the attires that will be necessary for the season that is approaching.


Mike Jagger is a stylist and a designer who owns a company named wholesale clothing USA. He imports wholesale clothing from the U.K and Italy. He is known to dress the groom in many weddings. Visit his blog here for more information.