The wedding day is the dream of every Indian girl. It is the day in which she transforms from an ordinary girl to a princess in glory. From the normal attires to the royal beauty of silk bridal Sarees, she changes. So that day has to be cherished, celebrated and planned accordingly. Here are some beautiful and attractive trendsetters from the world of wedding Sarees exclusively picked for the great Indian brides!

Color Pleated Sarees for the young lady

The color pleated Sarees has arrived lately on the wedding desk .From the normal pleat to the contrast colour, color pleated Sarees had made a revolution. The colors that match up with the festive season has been blended brilliantly in those Sarees such that the pleat and the other parts of the Sarees look like a beautiful combination of attractive colors with a very auspicious design. The materials of the pleat and the rest of the Sarees will vary according to the designs. The most popular ones are the net pleats that will grab the eyes with their beautiful looks.

Sheer and Opaque Combination Sarees for the trendy bride

The sheer and opaque combination is one of the freshest in the wedding Sarees collection. From the ancient heavy opaque Sarees, they have made a huge transformation. While the pallu goes transparent, it shows up the change in attitude and the change in tastes of the young Indian brides. The Sarees can be made more attractive with long sleeved blouses with heavy work. Brocade blouses will make the Sarees look elegant than ever.

Lace Sarees for the simplest one

Lace Sarees are the princesses in the wedding Saree world. Particularly available in gold and off white, they can steal the hearts of simplicity lovers. Having a very grand look on close view, they look simple and elegant from a distance. Exclusive designs of lace Sarees are available in the market with and without a punch of embroidery. Lace Sarees in bright colours are also popular but they are mostly preferred by Christian brides for marriage or others for receptions.

Lehenga Sarees or Saree Gown

Lehangas have almost vanished from the wedding market and Lehenga Sarees are the newcomers in the string. Yes, they have the royal look of Lehenga and the consideration as a Saree. Those girls who love the beauty of Lehenga and the traditional essence of Sarees can go for Lehenga Sarees. The flowing end of the Saree with heavy stone works and the lazily pinned pallu will make her the queen who floats in the wedding.

Lightweight wedding silks

Silk Sarees are the stars of the show. Even after hundreds of years, they rule the wedding market. One of the major factors that reduced its favourability was their weight, especially for the Kanjeevaram ones. But now the story has changed. Light weight wedding silks is ruling the market and they are available in almost all colors. From the traditional chilly read to the latest peacock blue, they are just dazzling around.

Contrast combinations

Contrast combinations in wedding Sarees were unimaginable past few months. But the fashion industry has taken over the superstitions. Yes, now the contrast wedding designer Sarees for brides are arriving on the market which is predicted to be the best choice of youngsters. With a varied look and lightweight design, they match up with the tastes of the new generation. Those who want to step back from the traditional Saree concepts can try out them and you will never regret the bold move!


The trends in wedding Sarees are also changing as like in the case of any costumes. Now sarees for brides are available on varied options from light weight to heavy stone and from laced to full silk in the Indian market at reasonable rates.