If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation. If you are considering making a claim, make the most of the process by asking these 3 things when you speak to claim solicitors for injuries:

  1.   How much can I claim?

There are two pay-out estimates you can receive. The first estimation that an injury claim solicitor can give you is based on information you provide, such as how your accident happened and the extent of your injuries generally. Based on this, your solicitor can give you an estimated pay out. However, a much more accurate pay-out estimate can be given once you have attended a medical examination. With your medical report to hand, your solicitor will be able to compare your injuries to past cases and come up with a more accurate figure.

The average pay-out for moderate whiplash, for instance, is approximately £6,500 including general and special damages and with solicitor’s fees deducted.

  1.   How does no win, no fee work?

‘No win, no fee’ was introduced to level the justice playing field for everyone. With no win, no fee, everyone can get access to justice. Understanding how this agreement works will help you to decide whether or not making a claim is worthwhile. For example, under such an agreement, your solicitor’s fees will be deducted from your compensation but if a claim is unsuccessful, then you won’t have to pay your own solicitor’s fees, but you may still have to pay the ‘other side’s’ legal costs. Your solicitor will be able to explain this in greater detail, and it’s important you understand the risks fully before going ahead with a claim.

  1.   How long will my claim take?

For many people, their injuries stop their ability to work for a considerable period of time and as a result, financial stability is not guaranteed, and employers will only pay sick pay to a certain point. So it’s important to get an estimate of the time it will take for your claim to be processed, in order to plan ahead and ensure you have enough finances to get by. Claim solicitors for injuries however can only offer you an estimate. This estimate will be based on past cases similar to your own. As a pointer, most cases can be processed within 6-8 weeks if they are straightforward. More complex cases will take around 6 months. If the other side contests liability or the claim value, then you can add a couple of weeks onto any estimate provided to you by your personal injury solicitor and/or law firm.