Coupons have been around for a long time now, offering everything from no strings attached free products to discounts with a range of requirements. Now we’re increasingly doing our shopping online, the old papers coupons are surely on their way out, especially since most businesses are keen to move their operations online and make use of the potential for savings on property and labor that the web offers. Fortunately for consumers of all stripes, whether you’re a die-hard extreme couponer or you just like to grab the occasional bargaining, couponing has moved online, with retailers taking advantage of the different ways they can create and distribute coupons to offer more and better deals to consumers in the hope of outcompeting their competition on- and offline on the simplest thing possible: Price.

To do this, they’ve started by making sure their paper coupons can work online, too. By printing numerical codes, bar codes or QR codes on their coupons and vouchers, they’re not just trying to reduce fraud: They’re also making sure you can use their coupons on their websites by typing those codes into the right box when you reach the online checkout. QR codes can be scanned by most smartphones if you download the right app. They work directly with other apps (which some stores now have, making shopping with them frighteningly easy) or indirectly by unlocking another numerical code for you to type into the website manually.

All kinds of businesses are moving online, from booksellers to grocery stores, so whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s an online store selling it and an online coupon that’ll get you money off.

If you’re looking for Canadian deals and coupons this year, there are plenty of ways to do it and plenty of websites set up to help you get bargains and deals on all kinds of products. You can get coupons for businesses anywhere in the world and rely on savings on shipping and products to ensure that you get top-quality goods at ultra-low prices.

Canadian coupon sites allow you to swap and share coupon codes with other Canadians. The advantage of these sites is that you can get rid of coupon codes you don’t want or need and exchange them for those that you do, easily. They’re just one of the ways consumers are taking advantage of digital technology to get incredible online deals. But those sites don’t just exist in Canada: You can shop anywhere you like online as most businesses now offer international shipping, so you don’t have to be restricted by national borders when you choose which products to buy.

So if you’re in need of Canadian free coupons, the web can help you out. You can get incredible deals on a huge range of products with a little bit of patience and internet savvy. Online shopping isn’t only cheaper, it’s quicker, too, and so user-friendly that anyone can do it, so you’ll be shopping like a pro in no time at all. Get online, now, and start to save.