Candles have their own charm. In a way, candles could be used to signify love in the new world. Candles flicker, they melt, and they give heat whilst lighting the path – just like love. It is no surprise that these candles are evergreen commodities that are used on a variety of different romantic events, from candle light dinners to even wedding day decorations! But on the other hand, it is also true that there is a way of doing everything. If done wrong, candle decorations can definitely prove counterproductive, and sometimes, even dangerous and harmful like cause fires.

So all necessary precautions must be taken beforehand, and then, some cool ideas like the ones mentioned below, can be followed to bring equilibrium between budget and satisfaction.

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

Multiple ideas are present, but only the ones that suit your preferences, and those of your partner perhaps, or even the location itself, everything needs to be considered beforehand to select the best options and give the best results. So with that in mind, we shall begin with the tutorial to lighting up thy wedding day with a dazzling display of candles!

Pillar Candles and Vases of Varied Heights

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

Pillar candles come in various sizes and thickness as well as colors, which should be kept in mind. Although this is a matter of personal preference, the color we recommend is a deep yellow or off-white / pale-white color. The candles as well as the candle stands and vases of different heights can be put in the middle of the tables along with mixed flowers bouquets to give a beautiful outlook at first glance, and light up the table. This can also eliminate the use of external electric lighting near the dinner tables.

The Gatsby Styled Candle Décor 

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

Nothing sings class like the Great Gatsby! Perhaps the Gatsby styled candle décor is what will make your wedding look classy, giving a 20th century British feel to it. Small candles inside vases, mostly round vases can be used to achieve this look.

Suspended Candles in Goblet Glasses 

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

Suspended candles give the most elite feel and aura to the wedding. One can hang the candles in tiny goblet glasses on the wedding tent or branches of a tree, in case it is an outdoor event, as well as on the ceiling in case it is an indoor event. Goblet glasses look like beautiful goblets of light and fire that give a bulb-like look.

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Stands 

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

This is a classic method of recycling old wine bottles by spray painting over them and sealing the mouth of the bottles with something like a cork, and then using them as candle stands. If done right, they can give a beautiful look. A combination of different bottle sizes with different candle sizes can give the right look on every table. A combination of three candles on every table is recommended.

“Guide Me Home” Style Candle Lights 

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

There is nothing more romantic than a lighting that leads you to your own wedding’s celebration. The entire thing can be done in a variety of different ways, but the idea remains the same – to build a pathway lit by candles, separating it from other grounds. This can be done easily with candles or lanterns on both sides of a carpet. Goblet glass candles can also be used alongside normal candles and lanterns.

Candle Corners 

Light Up Your Wedding Day With Dazzling Candle Décor

A candle corner is definitely a good option to include if you want to beautify your wedding even more and have some space to spare. Beautiful setting of lantern candles in a corner, perhaps a shelf of candles, could make things look a lot more beautiful.

Candles Wrapped in Lavender and Twine 

Lavender is a flower known primarily for its scent, and twine is used for tying up bunches of different materials. Wrapping lavender around candles in glass containers and tying it up using twine can be a really good way of beautifying a dinner table at a wedding. It gives a bouquet-like feel and is a great and affordable method that everyone can try out. This can also be tried with other flowers, just look up rose bouquets online and try to fix candles in between if possible.

Mason Jars on a Wagon Wheel 

A wagon wheel can easily be converted into a beautiful chandelier for your wedding. All you need are a couple of mason jars and candles, along with threads and other hanging glass decorations, which all need to be tied to the wagon wheel, which in turn needs to be tied to the tent or to the ceiling, whichever is appropriate.

Sea, Sand, and the Candle 

Perhaps one of the most unique ideas available, this idea works best with weddings that take place near the sea, ocean, or on a beach. All one needs to do is put sand in a jar, along with some shells, put a candle inside and then decorate the outside of the jar with variety of other pebbles and shells. Light up the candle and you have a unique candle lighting up your wedding tables!