Imagine your app; picture it, what do you see? A software entity, transcending a physical body, but still somehow personified by the garbled sounds emitting from an immaterial device, maybe a future phone or tablet technology? Something wonderful. New. Fresh.

Look to your left and down, what do you see? A desk, perhaps. It looks clean, maybe, ready for today’s productivity and morning coffee. What you miss are the dust particles. In an a never ending, always expanding carpet of online apps in both Google Play and iTunes, your marvellous idea is likely to be as irrelevant as dust in the wider scheme of things…Unless, you’re tactically angle your brainchild toward the right people and heighten those download levels. It can happen. You are not automatically relegated to a zone of has-beens and will-never-be’s. All you need is a gentle shove in the right direction.

Visibility Matters

Forget about everything else for a moment. Your app is great? Fantastic, forget about it. Instead, ask the question, how am I going to get my mini brand out there in front of people? Developers don’t exactly take out a billboard and a full page spread to attract customers, or do they? Well, not exactly. Advertising. Those annoying banner ads at the bottom of your game or free app spruiking another service and the end result of a faraway dream. That could be you. And it should be. Why? Short of breaking the big time like Snapchat (note, only 0.00000000001% of app developers are lucky enough to enjoy a Snapchat like experience), device advertising is the best way to improve both the viability and download rate of your app.

Mobile Apps: 5 Tips For Increasing Application Downloads

What’s in a Name?

Short of breaking into an impromptu Shakespearian sonnet, everything. The rose smells sweet for your app as buyers identify with striking, relevant titles, communicating the purpose of your app without belting them over the face with it. Additionally, you’re expected to be fun, edgy, modern, sophisticated or funky, depending on your audience. We suggest drawing up a list of possible names and running them past test groups of varying ages (friends and family), asking them how they’d use the app and what first impressions they drew from the title. Free market research!

Is it All About the Money?

End game, of course! Money makers vary from vertical to vertical, particularly If you’ve targeted a niche market. Before you price your material, scour the existing competition, test their apps, check their prices and compare download rates, extrapolating what has worked well for those already playing the game. Read the comments. Yes, it’s tiresome, but you’ll gain a solid understanding of what makes your target buyer base tick, and make fixes to ensure your app kicks the butt of all current apps. Come pricing day, try to modulate by releasing a free version with limited specs, a premium version and a freemium version (an intermediate entry loaded with a few extra features compared to the free, but less than the complete package; users than pay for the components they need, ensuring you stay relevant to their lives).

How do you feel? Overwhelmed? Tired? A little bit strung out at the thought of pulling together a meta marketing dynamic for your entry into the app market? Understandable. Don’t do it alone, there are professionals like to bear part of the burden. Whatever you choose to do, the success of your app relies on your promotional and marketing acumen. Are you ready for the challenge?