With the advent of internet marketing we have seen firsthand the effects of the evolution of the industry and how it has changed our internet experience. From a consumer’s perspective we are now able to shop with more efficiency as advertisements and search engine results take us directly to our favorite merchant sites quickly. No longer do customers have to meander through broken links and useless information to get to the products and services they want. From the merchant perspective, this accuracy and increasingly focused direct marketing and advertising translates to improved sales and great visibility for their products and services. How are merchants doing this? How have they changed the ways in which they make themselves relevant and seen by their customers? Internet marketing plays a big role in this and if you’re uncertain, you can have a look at some yodle reviews to see how efficient the internet marketing industry has become. For merchants, one of the biggest struggles besides visibility through marketing is customer retention and loyalty. The business of keeping customers loyal is not an easy task and requires a lot of research and dedicated work on your own behalf. There are however simple things you can do to make sure that customer loyalty is a standard in your business operations.

Typically we consider new customers to be the lifeblood of our companies and businesses but the fact is, that may no longer be so. Recently marketers have decided to spend more time on current customers; they are revamping and redefining what customer service really means, investing more funds, energy and focus into developing and maintaining customer relationship management (CRM) and building teams whose sole focus is to improve communications with their customers. In today’s age of social connectivity, customer loyalty has become more valuable than ever. When consumers are happy and satisfied with the service they receive they share the stories of their interactions with businesses on social media and that form of word-of-mouth marketing is particularly valuable. Because customer loyalty can be critical to making a sale you need to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to cultivate it. Ask yourself honestly when was the last time you spent any money or resources to make your customers feel appreciated? A lot of people argue that focusing on customer appreciation is focus misplaced but the fact remains that it can mean the difference between survival and failure in today’s word-of-mouth driven economy.

While customer loyalty should have a dedicated advocate, this is something that requires a company wide effort. Sadly, customer loyalty scores rarely get touted as much as things like profits and revenue. Why is this? Unfortunately many companies view customer loyalty as something that is beyond their control and it is just the seemingly natural result of the websites they put out and the services and products they sell. If you do not evangelize the importance of keeping current customers happy, they won’t be. Customers will follow you into the dark if your products and services remain high quality and affordable and if you treat them with the loyalty you want in return.