Consumers want best when it comes to Smartphone because we all are living in the world of technology. Everyone wants to have a fully featured Smartphone that looks beautiful and serve its purpose. Today phones are not just used for talking and connecting with the world. Smartphone’s are also considered as status symbol. Samsung is one popular company that is leading Smartphone industry in some of the countries and is giving huge competition to apple. The company has launched some extra ordinary Smartphone with high end features. The company has also created several milestones in its journey. One more achievement is going to be added in the list soon and that is launch of Galaxy note 5. It is being said that it is going to be high end Smartphone that is going to beat all the other giants in the market.

Galaxy Note 5 Features, Release Date, Specifications And Price

Release Date of Galaxy Note 5

There are no official reports regarding the release or launch of the phone.  There are lots of notes available in the market and now what new is going to happen? We all are waiting for the answers but cannot say anything until we see glimpse of the note or images. According to the assumptions the Korean giant might launch its next Note in the final quarter of 2015 or in 2016. Nothing can be predicted until we have definite news.

Features of the Phone

It is expected that Galaxy note 5 is going to beat all the records in 2015. Previous Note was having extra ordinary features. The companies will definitely going to provide people with something new. The company has skills, engineers and scientists who can expand the technology in their notes and Smartphone. There are some high end features expected from the Note.  Here are some of the features explained

  • The note is going to have Stylus S Pen
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 18 MP primary camera
  • 6.9 inch Display(4K) 600+ pixels
  • 2.9Hz GHz, 64 bit processor
  • 3 variants; 16 GB, 64 GB and 32 GB capacities
  • Super battery saver feature
  • Dust proof, water proof, finger print sensor, retina sensor
  • Latest version of Android
  • 5 MP rear camera for amazing selfies
  • Aluminum edges and metallic curved body

These are some of the rumored features of the Galaxy note 5.  that we can also expect from the launch. The Note is also going to have advanced specifications and will definitely gain the attention of the customers with such extreme specifications. No data is available but based on the assumptions it is easy to guess what Galaxy note 5 is going to bring.

The note will have expandable memory. It will be available in three versions that will differ in terms of memory. The note will also have a nice display so that you can enjoy your videos and playing games.  This note is going to ease all your stress. It is going to best for the students and professionals. People will be able to ease their lots of stress with Galaxy note 5. It is going to be a boon for professionals. The Galaxy Note 5 would definitely a leader of 2015 and it seems technology can’t go behind this but we would definitely witness next level of technology in Galaxy Note 6.