It is admirable that you want to help someone on the other side of the globe as they struggle to survive the natural disaster that affects them and hundreds of people around them.

There are numerous ways by which you can provide help to those who are in need

– You can visit the location yourself if you have received formal training and are part of any relief group

– You can send money by donating it to the official charity set up by the government, or through a charity that you know and trust

– Or you can send in relief material which can be distributed by the people on the ground.

Learn How To Help The People Facing Natural Disasters

In case you choose the last option, you should know what to send. There are many things which you may donate as a gesture of your goodwill, but which never make it to the destination, or worse, the people do not have any use for it! Food is a great example of this, and if you send food packets which cannot survive several days without going bad, your efforts will most likely be wasted. If you really want to make a difference, then first find out what is the best way to offer your help. Check out to learn more and how you can help the needy.

Depending on the type of natural calamity, there are several different things that you can send. Clothes are always a good idea, but you need to send things based on the climate there. Medical aid is also crucial, and if you can spare lifesaving drugs, then sending them can really make a difference.

Here is what you should include in your relief kit:

  • medicines – painkillers, antibiotics, fever medication
  • clothes – waterproof clothes for a flood hit area, and warm clothes for a place with low temperatures
  • food – non-perishable food is preferred
  • water – at least one gallon of clean water
  • shelter – send your spare tent or weatherproof sleeping bags