The way to SEO success can have many pitfalls which can kill your website. Since SEO is a long term process, so any mistake in it can take several months to get it reverse and follow the right path. In this article it is discussed about some SEO mistakes which can kill your website. Therefore, you must try to avoid these mistakes to make your SEO effective :-

Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website
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  • Mistake 1

Targeting the keywords on the basis of search volume: While choosing the keywords you must not only consider the search volume as an important factor but it is also important to consider the other factors like:

      1. keywords should accurately reflect the content presence on each page
      2. Consider the visitors intention while choosing the keywords.

  • Mistake 2

Choose quality link building instead of quantity:  Since the Google Penguin update in month of April, there is the need of quality links (clean, relevant links) not the quantity of the links. In other words quality of the links matter not the quantity of the links. It is better to make 10 quality links rather than to make 50 links. The quality of the links matter not the quantity. You must make relevant links on the high profile websites.

  • Mistake 3

Creation of promotional content:  The majority of content is written in the promotional way. Since content marketing is an effective SEO technique and the users are always hungry for content but only the informational content. They don’t want to know about your company’s history. So provide the informative material not promotional material to your target audience.

  • Mistake 4

Beating the Algorithm: There is no hard and fast rule to achieve success in SEO. There is no fixed number of links you have to make, no fixed number of contents you have to publish etc. There is nothing which can improve your ranking overnight. It is a continuous process. According to my point of view, the best way to achieve success in SEO is to provide the best user experience. Consider user while performing any activity and you must implement only white hat techniques in your SEO campaign.

  • Mistake 5

Copying everything what your competitors are doing: You should not become a SEO copycat by using your competitors link sites in your link building campaign. Remember, you must stand out of the box, that is, you must build the links on high profile websites and on which your competitors hasn’t make any of his link.

  • Mistake 6

Failing to Leverage Social media: Social media thrives on unique and fresh content, so ensure that you are keeping your profiles up to date and are publishing new content on frequent basis for your target audience. It will drive traffic to your website.

These all are few of the SEO mistakes which most of the webmasters make. So make sure that you are not making any of the above mentioned mistakes.

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