Before telling about SEO, please allow me to tell some introductory things about online marketing, because SEO is a specialized tool of online marketing. My esteemed readers may feel a bit awkward thinking, the writer is going to beat about the bush. As the saying in training faculty goes, go from known to unknown; let us approach likewise.

What You Need To Know About SEO?

The prime motive of business is profit. This profit can be earned by selling more and more products and services to our customers. So increasing the customer base becomes an important ingredient for making profit. Till now we used to reach our customer by advertising in radio, theaters, hoardings & posters, television etc. But with the advent of World Wide Web, a horizon has opened up in sales promotion of your products and services. The world has suddenly become within your reach. The possibility of reaching wide segment of target customers anywhere in the world became a reality.

Any sale-promotion, done through internet, is online marketing. There are many types of online marketing like E mail marketing, display advertisement, web banner, social media marketing, search engine marketing and mobile advertisement. Don’t worry; I am not going into their details.

Now coming to SEO, the full form of which is Search Engine Optimization is also an online marketing tool. As you all know, Google, Bing and Yahoo are major search engines. Someone has very rightly compared this search engine software with a librarian. Internet is truly a vast library with infinite capacity, having diverse information or pages. There are millions of browsers who want this information. Just like a member asks for a book from the librarian, the browser asks the search engines for the page. The search engines use many factors to search out the desired information and present it to the seeker.

What You Need To Know About SEO?

Here arose the necessity of search engine optimization. This necessity itself shows the extent of competition among the capitalists, which is the effect of squeezed market. In fact the producers and the service providers have their web pages in the net, intended for the customers, to visit. Everybody wants that his web page should be visible as soon as the visitor enters the key word and click in different search engines. To satiate their desire SEO companies have come forward to increase their visibility and get some fish out of the turbulent water.

Big Phuket SEO Company has built up huge data base, which the smaller SEO companies are also allowed access with permission. The software engineers of these companies have developed a complex algorithm considering many ‘factors’, they call signals, in order to judge the relevance of a page to that, desired by the seeker through key words. Let me give the example of Google to understand the enormity, which has 200 signals and 10000 sub signals. Accordingly they rank the web pages and keep it in their data base. Based on the respective ranking of the search engine the web pages appear serially in front of the users.

To understand the important attributes in a web page for getting higher ranking, let us know about a few basic signals the algorithms considers.

  • Key word: This should represent the core intention of the page. The SEO software crawls regularly all the web pages and picks up the key word as signal.
  • The title: As the title of a book signifies the main content of it, similarly the title of the page should be able to high light its main product or services as a signal.
  • Links: Reference to genuine links in the page plays an important role in getting good ranking.
  • Reputation built by referring good links, getting good traffic etc.

This much is now about SEO. Many points remain open for discussion yet. Writer is a content writer for past 15 years and has many articles published in newspapers and magazines