Search Engine Marketing is very much similar to the online or internet marketing. The only difference between the two is that search engine marketing allows promoting the websites through advertising and increasing their visibility in search engines. There are mainly three methods that made the Search engine marketing possible and these are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
2. Attracting inbound links through marketing the article.
3. Paid placements like Google Ad Words.
Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is a compilation of practices and techniques that help in getting more traffic from search engines for a website. While doing search engine optimization for a website it is relevant to consider certain factors. These factors help in providing assistance to the search engines in identifying the type of website.

Tutorial About Search Engine Marketing

Some of the factors need to consider entail the following:

  • You should ensure that every page of your website contains a unique page title.
  • To provide the search engines with additional information about your websites it is also necessary that a webpage has its own page description as per the title of the page.
  • It is necessary that the URL of the website must contain keywords that help search engines in identifying the type and purpose of the website.
  • The most important factor while doing search engine optimization of a website is its content. The content should contain well-constructed headings, images, and the descriptive links.

Article Marketing

This is a form of internet marketing that is quite easy and simple. The key reason for Search Engine Marketing is to get incoming links from a high rankings websites to your websites. This can be done through variety of means. One of the methods to achieve this is through submission of a good quality articles to the most common websites like Ezine, Articles base, etc with the link of your website in the content. Another advantage of the article marketing or submitting your article on such websites is that if anyone wants to place your blog or article on their website they are required to share it with all the links. This again will allow sharing the links on diverse sites and help in increasing the website traffic.

Pay for Placement

Pay for placement is an internet advertisement model that helps website owners in getting more traffic to their websites. In this model, in the search engines advertisements appear along with the most important search results. Paid placements also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are the advertisements that one can see on alongside and top of the search results in search engines. Advertisers under this model, in an open auction bid for the right to post their advertisements with specific keywords. The placement of the advertisements depends on the quality of the advertisements and the maximum bid by each advertiser.

Google AdWords is an example of one such paid placement. It is an advertising product. The website owners who want to increase their web traffic create their campaigns with specific keywords related to their websites on Google AdWords. The website owners need to pay small fees to Google for directing the traffic to their website whenever somebody clicks on their advertisement. This form of website helps in getting web traffics.

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