Over the past few years Email Marketing in India has undergone a tremendous boom. Starting from any small scale industry to large scale industry especially e-commerce and online business is totally dependent on email marketing. Email marketing has become a part and parcel of the marketing industry, similar to industrial revolution now we can say that this is an era of Email Revolution or Internet Revolution. There are so many reasons because of which one cannot ignore email marketing from their promotional activities list.

Need For Email Marketing In India

Let’s have a quick look on a few of them:

  • Mobile Era: Being an era where it’s hard to find a person without a smart phone and internet connection, it has become a need for the marketing to find a way or another to reach people through mobile medium. And for sure emails are the best way to target as there is not a single person who doesn’t check their inbox. So every Email Marketing Company make sure that they hit the target with inbox placement.
  • Demand for latest updates: If we go for any traditional medium it is hard to update with the latest news and trends over and over again because it is expensive and more over time consuming. Usually even if we try for an update with traditional medium, we have an option to update within a time gap of a month or a week.
    As far as email marketing is concerned we have a wide range of options, one can personalize the mails depending on the segment and customer interest. Also set the frequency with which the campaign needs to reach the customer. Here the customer decide when an with which frequency they require the updation.
  • Option for Personalization: One of the major advantage of email marketing is that we have an option to personalize the mails we send. We can send trailer made mails to customers which sound more relevant to them. Also we can great and treat each customer individually by calling them their names, or even sending them discount coupons on their favorite items list.
  • Trigger Mails: Customers receive the response on real time basis which are more relevant for them. Other than real time mails trigger mails can be used in different ways, trigger mails can be used to welcome customers, confirm orders, thank them for the purchase, remind them of some upcoming events or webinars for which they have registered, sending personalized mails or even to wish them for the special dates of their life such as birthdays, anniversaries and even to remind them about the cart abandonment etc.
  • Trailer made offers: Instead of giving bulk offers one can give trailer made offers, such as for premium customers on their birthdays or anniversaries, one can give different offer to different segment of customers or even individually.
  • Better Targeting: Better targeting is another major plus of email marketing, here you can target people based on their interest, gender, locality, time of opening and even name. You can segment people based on each and every user behavior and target them based on the same. User behavior can include the time and day of opening mails, the subject like on which they have made maximum click, the product which they have viewed the most, and even the frequency with which they open the mail.
  • Sustain in the Market: People tends to get more things in the shortest time period, they have started spending lesser time in newspapers and magazines, and more in internet ; hence they prefer to get all the updates and sales or information from the computer or mobiles they use, they don’t have time to shift from one device to another. This growing trend makes it relevant to reach them over desktop or mobile devices.

Need For Email Marketing In India
Email marketing is the smoothest marketing technique to retain customers, it’s not constrained to India, and instead it has already started ruling the world. Hope the Need for Email Marketing in India is clear by now. If you already have an ESP, work on giving the best and if you don’t have one, imbibe it.