Now Use Press Releases Not Only to Get Publicity But Also Increasing Hits for Your Website

A press release, to be technical is something that is sent to the media as a part of the company’s publicity campaign. To be more exact, it is a part of the company’s marketing strategy to announce things of importance related to the company. Now the above is a raw meaning of what could have been a press release in the customary sense of the word. Today a press release is a lot more than just a piece of news.

Press Release and Marketing


There is a horde of sites on the internet that can be used to publish press release.  To be honest, a complete list of sites where you can submit your press releases can turn out to be endless. This is precisely because; press release has come to be used as a marketing channel like never before. It is just a matter of seconds when you can Google entire press release sites list and register to submit a particular press release. More than often a link directing you to the register page of these websites can be easily found.

To put it in a nutshell, send press releases to be published on various websites can work miracles for the company’ marketing strategy as the they can be effective tools to get your company, website or product in the eyes of bloggers. When you submit to a particular press release website and it gets published there are chances that it gets take up by journalists or bloggers and get more acclaim. However, how effective your press release campaign turns out depends upon the effectiveness of your link building.

Press Release and Link Building

Even after you have succeeded in obtaining a complete list of the sites where you can submit your  press releases, there can still be a big question mark on the extent to which your campaigns would turn out to be effective. For the success rate ultimately depends upon the efficiency of link building in your press release. The above basically implies that how effectively you can embed links in the press release to lead back to your own website. Moreover, if these get taken up by other bloggers too, you get all the more number of hits. So you can obtain complete link building list and use the anchor test and backlinks to get higher rankings on the search results.

This might be a good way to draw more eyes and attention towards your work and stuff. However, one must always keep in mind that the links obtained with the help of customised press releases might not be that effective because the same is not considered to be a source of natural links which are given more priority while deciding rankings on the search results page.

A simple sync between press releases and SEO can be obtained by link building services. While you give away press releases to PR publishing websites you can make use of keywords and backlinks to act as promotional tool. Thus if used the right way, Press releases not only mean that they get to be read by journalists and bloggers and republished but can also direct a lot of traffic back to your page thus increasing the viewers and traffic that you get.