MapInfo professional, developed and marketed by the Pitney Bowes Software, earlier known, as MapInfo Corporation is one of the best of the widely available software products of its kind. To try to describe the software and put it into words, MapInfo Professional is desktop geographic information system software that finds several areas of its use. A geographical information system often abbreviated as GIS is a system that deals with and manipulates all kinds of geographical data. With a GIS, mapping and analysis of geographical entities is reduced too much simpler entities.  The complex sophistication involved in storing and managing geography has been thoroughly reconstructed and simplified. One can also look at it as the integration of computer science and technology into statistical and cartographic data. MapInfo Professional has emerged as one of the most successful GIS software solutions available on the market at the present time. With the brain of a computer and its own programing technology to impart the necessary fuel, the software boasts of being able to deliver its users with maximum satisfaction. The software has been enhanced to help its users visualize and interpret spatial data and its relations like never before.

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The advanced technology enables the users to understand patterns and trends that could lie within spatial data thereby exposing any hidden relations and trends. MapInfo professional, as mentioned earlier, finds its use in many areas of modern society. Analytical experts, industrial and business professionals, use it widely. The software can also be used as a business data administration tool it consolidates data into a spatial frame of reference. The software has been promoted within the industrial sector for it use when it comes to predicting optimal solutions and better output deliverance. The most common use of MapInfo Professional is as a map designer. The integration of the most modern tools available for drawing into the software has enabled map drawers to thin out their work load with the help of this software.

The software is also sometimes used in by forensic teams in crime analysis for recovery of certain important items of evidence based on the spatial data disorder and underlying patterns. MapInfo software also finds a use in the analysis and finding of ideal locations whereby professionals can choose the optimal location to begin and begin a business in the industrial, retail or marketing sectors. Howsoever you may look at it; MapInfo Professional is one exceptional software that blends the most necessary flavours to create a really powerful desktop GIS. Since its advent in 1986, the software has improved considerably and in the present age, with the support of a large number of plug ins, the software reigns with supremacy over the several other GUI’s that are available in today’s software market.

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Guest post supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark writes for Acuity who is an IT training company based in Guildford, Surrey.