Cars are consisted of thousands of components. Brakes may squeal, tires may start to leak slowly and right headlight blew. Each time we go to auto repair center, we often have a list of things that need to be checked out or repaired. Unfortunately, some dishonest mechanics could take advantage of our desperation and they charge high prices for any simple job. Taking our car to the dealership also doesn’t guarantee that we will have lower prices. Just about anyone can inflate repair prices and it is actually possible to repair some parts of our cars on our own. Fuses, wipers, lights and spark plugs can be replaced in our garage, if we are careful enough. We could seek out interesting deals on multiple car components so we are able to reduce overall costs. In general, we should make sure that we can find components that cost significantly less. We should also learn how to change air filter, oil and other things. Fuel filter can be replaced, although it’s a more difficult task to do. Every two years, we would need to replace spark plugs. Batteries will also need to be cleaned and refilled. But after four years, they will need to be replaced. This should be a relatively easy task.

Handling battery problems is straightforward. As long as they are clean and have proper acid level, batteries will work properly. However, more serious tasks, such as changing fuel pump, removing ignition coils, replacing drum brakes and others can be quite complicated. Not all mechanics are kind enough to provide us with direct training on detailed removal and replacement of car components. It means that we should find other resources to allow us repair our cars. Our first resource would be the user manual of our car. There should be enough basic evaluation and maintenance tasks that we can do by reading the manual. It is important not to misplace the manual, because our car may require some special procedure for maintenance. Obviously, the manual won’t be enough to deal with hundreds of possible issues that can happen with our car, In this case, we could look for online forums that are established by owners of specific car model. They will be able to offer all aspects of car repair and maintenance. Car owners may start a thread regarding to specific issue. By doing it ourselves, we should be able to save money, especially if we know how to change oil and its filter.

When maintaining car, we should make sure that it will become a true money-saver. Improper repair and maintenance tasks are not only dangerous for our cars, but also our health. Before we attempt to maintain and repair our cars, we should make sure that the procedure has been verified by professional mechanics. If the instructions for repairing the car is difficult to understand and do, then we should refrain from doing so. In this case, we may need to admit our limitation and surrender our car to a dependable auto shop.