Sauna has now a presence in spas, gymnasiums, sports complexes and many more places across the world. There is a great range of home saunas and its popularity is soaring. If you are also planning to buy a sauna, it is best to go for a traditional sauna, which Finnish people have used for centuries. You may be surprised to know that traditional sauna only came into a limelight after Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard advocates for the use of traditional saunas for the purpose of alcohol detoxification in 1957. Since, then there is no looking back with now saunas used for endurance training, weight loss and a host of other purposes.

Know Everything About Traditional Sauna Now Popular Across The World

What exactly is a traditional sauna?

It consists of a few benches and a heater or a gas stove traditionally known as ‘kiuas’in a wooden bathhouse. The heater has some hot rocks at the top. Consistent splashes of water on these rocks generate steam that increases the heat within the sauna room and subsequently increase moisture level too. The hot room has usually a temperature between 80 and 1100 Celsius.

When the heat becomes unbearable, people using a sauna take a bath either in a swimming pool or under a shower. While physically healthy people use sauna daily, those with cardiovascular problem use it seldom. In short, the sauna used by Finnish people induces sweating in a natural way. It enables them to clean themselves properly when bathing was not at all a common practice in the Medieval Europe. Sauna opens the clogged pores of the skin and this result in skin detoxification.

Types of traditional saunas in the market

There are now companies who are offering some of the best saunas at an affordable pricing. Most of these now come with a pre-fitted wall, pre-made benches, backrest, a heater guard, and other specifications. This means you need to just buy them and bring them at home to start enjoying the benefits of sauna bath.

Some companies also offer custom capabilities so that you can get your dream sauna room as per your specifications. Emphasis is however on making it safe by ensuring no metal has any exposure to the heat and thick wood is used. In fact, you can find a traditional sauna room in varied sizes and shapes to fit them into your home conveniently.

Some of the types are as follows:

  • Country Living Barrel Sauna with designer front wall
  • Classic Style Full Glass Front Suana
  • Classic Style Wood Front Sauna
  • Neo Classic Corner Model
  • Country Living Barrel Sauna
  • Outdoor Classic Style
  • Bay Style Sauna
  • Vu Classic

Choose the one that suits your style, budget and size. In case you are unable to find the given types, you can go for a custom-built sauna room with choicest of flooring and benches. Get a sauna for your home and feel good! There are, however, infrared sauna rooms too that heat the body only instead of heating the air inside the sauna room.