When buying CCTV camera, it is very important to be aware of the technology and its different aspects. Inadequate knowledge and lack of research can lead to a loss. Let us know about some important aspects that you must know when buying a security device.

Resolution of the Camera

The screen resolution of the digital and analog camera is commonly rated for consumers in megapixels (MP) or television lines (TVL). If a camera has large values of these units, then it does not imply that it will give you a superior level of video resolution. For obtaining best resolution, you also need to consider certain other factors such as quality of lenses, outright lying, image processors, etc.

You should not settle for any feature that is less than what is required as per the camera specification of a particular format. Equipped with the functionalities ranging from wide range infrared to HDTV, Samsung CCTV cameras offer advanced security systems for industrial as well as residential purposes.

Required Screen Resolution for different Types of Camera:

For Analog devices:

  • For Analog CIF cameras, standard screen resolution will be close to 450 TVL.
  • For Analog D1 cameras, high screen resolution will be 600 TVL.
  • For 960H Analog cameras, super high screen resolution would be 700 TVL when used with 960H DVR.

For Digital devices:

  • The screen resolution of digital IP cameras would range from 1MP to 5MP. You can use such IP cameras only on NVRs and IP systems
  • The screen resolution of digital High Definition SDI cameras will be 2.1 to 2.2MP. You can use such cameras only on High Definition -SDI DVRs

The standard screen resolution for High Definition CVI systems is 1.3MP. 1.3 MP and 2MP High Definition CVI cameras can be easily used with High Definition CVI DVRs. Dubai offers several reputed electronic stores that provide the best quality security devices to people. CCTV camera Dubai allows the compressible video recordings that can be saved onto the hard drive without any loss in quality. This enables a person to view or archive the videos for future use.

Lens quality

When deciding the type of CCTV cameras, it is important to look at these aspects:

  • The image quality of the footage you get from a CCTV camera would depend both on the quality of the lens and the image sensor located on the camera.
  • It is necessary to match the camera resolution and its type with the recording format. Anything in excess or less than permissible value will not give the results you are looking for. If a salesperson sells you a camera that has resolution under or beyond a permissible level for a particular format, then it clearly tells that you are getting robbed or dealing with a person who does not have sufficient product knowledge.

When you get thorough information about the different technology features and aspects of the device, you are in a better position to negotiate and decide which one is the best feature that suits your needs.