So you love your gadgets, but you do not actually have a gadget to carry all your favorites. Then the SeV Tropiformer Travel Jacket is for you. We do not all like to carry bags with us everywhere we go, and if you have your bag already full of the essentials, then there will be little room for any additions. With Smartphones, tablets and other essentials the load you need to carry around for work or school can get just too big or cause too much strain on your shoulders and back.


Spread the Joy

So spread out the weight with this great looking jacket. It also comes with a vest, it is fashionable and great fitting, in a variety of colors and sizes. This is the gadget you need for your gadgets.

The Travel Bug

This is great if you are travelling too, and really cuts down on weighty language bags or cases that you have to struggle with at the airport or train station. You have so much clever usage and space with these jackets that you will have your arms free from strained muscles and aching limbs.

The designer is a must

This clever and stylish fashion piece is made with lightweight material that does not feel heavy to wear. If the weather is hot, you can even take off the sleeves, leaving you with the vest. They are attached to the main jacket piece by magnetics and are so easy to remove. But if you start to feel the chill they stick back on without any trouble.

Hidden Gems

It holds an unbelievable 22 pockets inside and out, so if you are fashion conscious then you will not need to worry about wearing something that is unattractive or bulky.

All Dried Out

The SeV Tropiformer Travel Jacket/Vest is also made of material that is water resistant. You will have no problems of all your important items or documents getting wet in rainy weather. The jacket will keep everything secure and dry.

There is even a special pocket to fit your iPad. This is a really great addition to the jacket. Your iPad can quickly take up all the free space in your bag, but with this jacket it has its own safe place for storing and it is protected from the rain too.

Lock it Up

There is a Locking Pocket that you can keep all your important documents or expensive gadgets in. This is great and even more secure than putting stuff in your bag since it is right there on your body, locked and safe from being stolen.

Lost Inside?

If you think that all these pockets are just too much for you and you will end up losing stuff inside, then worry not. There is a map which guides you easily around all the 22 pockets hidden invisibly in your jacket.

When you are not using you jacket, you can store it away and not worry about it getting all creased. It is wrinkle free.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Austin Richard. He is 74-343 exam certified and now getting prepared for N10-005 exam. He likes to write on different matters in free time.