A great meal begins here! Licious was launched with an aim to serve people better and live up to their expectations to attain quality meat and seafood. In this present era, people demand crisp, wholesome and superior quality meat and seafood. Licious strives to follow through this vision and achieve this goal. In order to curb the problems of abominable meat and seafood, Licious was born!

Fresh Quality Meat

Worry no more about the low-grade meat and seafood, get healthy and fresh meat delivered right at your doorsteps without any hassle just at the right time. Licious serves you with halal cut farm fresh meat which is easily cooked. It is moist, juicy and supple, which leaves behind a long term aromatic gust for your taste buds. It soaks in the spices in such a way that you will crave for more with every bite you take.

Licious has a well structured chain of management and some great chefs who strive to source the best meat and seafood and to deliver it promptly. Our products are maintained at a temperature of 0 to 5 degree Celsius to actualize the customer’s need for supremacy and hygiene along with maintaining the safety standards.

Licious Way - A Great Food

A Wide Selection

Sizzle up your breakfast with the world’s finest juice meaty and best among all cold cuts. These are flavoured with the Licious secret ingredients, individualising its taste. Additionally, we also have a wide range of delectable well seasoned marinades for the ready to cook evenings. These marinades are specially prepared by our great chefs, each having a trademark essence of its own upon cooking. On the contrary, for those nights of fine dining, you can choose from exotic range styled, seasoned and handcrafted to make every bite memorable.

Delectable Variety

With an aspiration to eradicate distribution of substandard meat and seafood, Licious is determined to make responsible sourcing choices making quality its superiority, and to make a difference in the community today. Since August 2015, Licious has been putting smiles on 50,000+ faces of meat lovers and we are still sticking it out to exponentially increase this number. We not only provide our customers with promising quality meat, but we also give them an ample variety to choose from. Get ready to spice up your evenings with a wide array of artfully styled meat and seafood, delivered in just 90 minutes!