Outdoor weather sirens are devices that sound an alarm when severe storms or tornados are in the area. While they are more common in states where tornados often occur, outdoor weather sirens can be helpful in all communities. This article will focus on at least three benefits of weather sirens and why your community needs a weather siren in order to keep residents safe during severe weather.

Weather Sirens Work During a Power Outage

It is not uncommon for communities to lose power during severe weather. Losing power means that most residents are left without television and radio to help keep them up to date on weather conditions. And outdoor weather warning siren can help fill the need of alerting residents to take cover during tornados and severe weather when they have access to nothing else.

Helpful in Rural Areas

Weather tracking software is extremely helpful in the event of severe weather. However, some residents in rural areas, especially older residents, might not have access to internet let alone a outdoor weather station that they can consult during severe weather. Many of these residents rely on weather sirens to inform them of severe weather in the area.

Provide an Extra Form of Alert

While there has been some argument that outdoor weather sirens are not necessary or they are outdated, the facts are simple: outdoor weather sirens are still a viable option for alerting the community to severe weather. It is better to have the sirens in communities even if many individuals do not rely on the sirens for their sole information regarding severe weather. The sirens provide an extra form of alerting community members to severe weather tracking and have been proven to be helpful for many years.

If your community does not have a weather siren, contact your city officials to discuss the benefits of adding a siren to your community.