Josh Jambon works hard and when he has time to relax he enjoys a good scotch. If you have never enjoyed scotch before, you are in for a real treat. Not all scotches are created equal and if you really want to get the full pleasure out of drinking scotch, there are a few things you should know about the drink.

Josh Jambon What You Should Know About Drinking Scotch

Single Malt vs. Blended Malt

There are two different types of malts when it comes to scotch. A single malt scotch is made from just water and 100% barley. It also comes from a single distillery. It can, however, contain whiskey from different barrels at the one single distillery. A blended malt is made of two or more single-malt whiskeys produced at different distilleries. Many distilleries sell their whiskey to be used in blended malt whiskeys.

Follow Your Taste Buds

When you first start drinking scotch, many people will tell you that you should prefer single malt scotches to blended malts. While single malts are considered the most prestigious, it comes down to a matter of preference. You should try both types and let your taste buds do the deciding. Keep in mind that single malt scotch is often more expensive than blended malt scotch.

Let It Age

Scotch gets better with age and most are left to age for at least three years. If the barrels used to age the scotch have been previously used to age other things, those flavors may also be infused in the scotch. Always pay attention to the age of the scotch when buying it. Once the scotch has been bottled, is no longer ages. It will, however, lose some alcohol during evaporation and mellow.

Watch Out For Colorants

When you pour a glass of scotch, you may notice the beautiful color. Beware, many companies add colorants to their scotch and this can mean that the company is not confident in their product. A good whiskey or scotch will have a great taste and consistency and the color shouldn’t matter. If the company is more concerned with the color then taste, the scotch is probably not the best quality.

Location Matters

The taste of scotch can vary based on the area where it comes from. Various types of scotch are made in Canada, Japan, and Australia as well as the United States. Each location has their own recipes and distinct flavors and you may need to try several different ones before you decide on which one you prefer.

Learn To Appreciate It

You don’t just want to shoot back your scotch. A lot of time and technique went into creating it and you should take the time enjoy it. Make sure you smell the scotch, take a sip of it and hold it in your mouth to savor the flavor. Remember that scotch is meant to be enjoyed slowly. The longer you take to drink the scotch, the more you will be able to savor and enjoy it.

The Right Glass

You can’t drink scotch out of any old glass, it was meant to be enjoyed from a tulip-shaped glass. This type of glass allows you to see the scotch, swirl it around easily and helps the aroma become concentrated at the neck of the glass.

If you enjoy scotch or have never tried it and want to get the full experience, the tips above can help. Josh Jambon enjoys scotch and other types of whiskeys and loves to relax with a nice glass of his favorite scotch after work. Make sure you are enjoying your scotch to the fullest.

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