In the past, LG is known for making quality appliances but that has already been changed. To cope up with the fast-paced technology, it soon joined the mobile phone industry. Now, LG is also producing quality smartphones that they can be proud of. One good example of this is LG Optimus G.

As LG and Samsung are in the middle of a stiff competition, the fact remains that they are still both Korean conglomerates. When one party releases a flagship unit, the other party will definitely answer back by launching a better one. Though this may become tiring for both parties as well as the users, it still gives a positive output – to produce competitive products.

LG optimus

After the release of Galaxy Note II, LG answered back with its Optimus G smartphone. It has a 5.5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution and beats the 720p of Samsung Note II. It’s also equipped with Android OS particularly the 1.2 Jelly Bean version, Snapdragon 600 chipset, 1.7GHz processor, Adreno 320 for graphics and 2GB RAM.

For the sought after features, it gives an autofocus 13MP camera with LED flash, 1080p@30fps for video recording (dual recording), 2.1MP front camera, 32GB for internal storage, expandable memory, stereo FM radio and USB ports.

For other functions, users can utilize Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS, voice dialing, optional transparency, audio jack, proximity sensor, accelerometer, active noise cancellation with microphone, IR meter and wireless charging support.

Disadvantages of LG Optimus G

First of all, the size of this smartphone is quite a disappointment for some users because of the difficulty in typing a message and holding it using only one hand. As a solution, the user needs to hold the unit in one hand and navigate it with the other hand. When talking about sounds, this model is also an inferior with its single mono speaker, which is worst than a cellphone speaker. As a temporary solution, the use of headphones is recommended. It is also pretty obvious that LG did not polish the notification windowshade feature. It is quite annoying to see a stack of windows halfway down the screen. It can also become confusing and at the same time not pleasing to the eyes, so it is recommended to make this feature clean and simple. When using this unit outdoors, the reflective screen does not perform well. Most of all, it is very sensitive and prone to scratches.

Based on the performance, there is no doubt that Optimus G can do well just like Samsung. However, using this particular smartphone encourages users to sacrifice some features to get a high performance processor and better screen resolution.

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