When talking about social media campaigns, it should be all about making experiences that are engaging, memorable and rich. It is also about having the right combination of tools, right stories to tell and the right media to use. There are many ways of telling stories, but only a few is inculcated on people’s minds. To make this happen, here are the features that any social media campaign should possess:

Easy and Simple

In order to make a good impression to the audience in the shortest time possible, a marketing campaign should be simple and understandable. The main goal is to make the product easy to understand though the concept may seem complicated. Nowadays, audience is very particular on how the message is being delivered.

Be different and Stand Out

Each product or service has to make its own noise. With all the competitors out there, it is important to think of ways on how to stand out from the rest. To do this, you have to learn the art of listening to the demands of the market. Moreover, you must study the current trends and determine the likes and dislikes of the market. Above all, you should have an idea how good or bad your concept is, and from there, make the necessary modifications.

Be Concise and Meaningful

Not everyone has the luxury of time. With all the different activities, people tend to have a very short attention span. In just a short of time to spare, it is essential for social media to use time wisely. Regardless of its length, communication should always be done effectively. To do this, be concise and straightforward.

Brand Power

Due to the desire to create a lasting impression, most social media campaigns tend to get funny. In fact, there is no point of doing this if the audience won’t remember the brand. When creating a campaign, it is essential not to make it too promotional or too entertaining. To have a successful one, there should be a balance of both.

Include Feelings and Emotions

People tend to get carried away with their emotions, so when creating a social media campaign, incorporating emotions is an effective way to attain information retention.  In order to ensure retention, it is best to make a thorough research on the emotions and values that should be included. As a result, people will remember your brand easily.

Call to Action

Having an effective campaign should not be the end. It is rewarding to know that people love the campaign, but everything becomes useless if there is no call to action strategy. To be successful, make sure that potential customers can make some action as a response to the campaign.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from He has passed 200-120 exam. Currently he preparing for 100-101 exam. He likes to write about technology and social media.