Starting a business can be an exciting time, but it is also something which requires a great deal of thought. However keen you might be to get your new product or service out there into the market, what’s most important is that you’ve planned as thoroughly as possible.

Businesses of all kinds are extremely complex and it takes a strong team of individuals with a vast pool of knowledge to create a system which will succeed. Here, we take a look at a few areas which are most important when considering where to begin with a new business venture.


Recruiting a team with whom you will run your business will inevitably have to be a staggered process. Of course, there’s very little use for a receptionist if your company has not yet got a reception. In the early stages, however, you will need to recruit a small team to help you piece together the puzzle of a young business.

Market Research

However great your product, your success as a business will come down to your understanding of the market. The only way to do your product justice is to carry out in depth research on the current state of the market you hope to penetrate.

market research


The early stages of establishing a business will require a great deal of work, but if you are able to build a solid infrastructure, the hope is that much of your business will take care of itself over time. Considering key systems and software such as Sage One Accounts can ensure that everything can run smoothly from the beginning. Software like this will help you to keep track of your business’s growth, and to understand the areas of your company which are less efficient than others.


Penetrating new markets can be a challenge and cannot be done without solid marketing campaigns. As you are becoming established, you will need to run marketing campaigns which reach out to new customers and help to carve out a space for you within your chosen industry. Social media is a particularly effective tool for such early campaigns due to its low cost and vast audience and you can take a look at 6 examples of businesses which are using it correctly here.

Evaluation and Patience

In the early days, it can be frustrating to have to take steps backwards. However, it is in these early stages that your ability to succeed as a business can be determined. Don’t be afraid to evaluate your progress on a regular basis and to implement change as and when it becomes necessary.