When it comes to the protection of your blogs you have to think about all possible ways to secure your blog against all kinds of harmful attacks.

Binary Matrix Security

  • Use Complex Passwords. This is the most basic thing you can do with personal data security, don’t ever use simple passwords. Make it complex, that is, use passwords with a mixture of:
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special Character such as @£$%!
  • At least 8 characters long

Passwords should also not be associated with any personally identifying information such as:

  • Birthdays (yours, your spouses, your children, etc.)
  • Your address
  • Your National Identification/Social Security Number

Complex passwords serve as a strong deterrent for those who would potentially try to gain access to your data.

  • Find out the Problems first, and then solutions – “Don’t try to find a solution until you’ve understood the problem,” advised a veteran IT executive. “From an IT security perspective, this means that you need to understand the risk before determining the level of security measures to apply.” says the same person.
  • Teach the basics again and again – “Never be afraid to discuss the simplest things—things you may think are already known, or that you consider common sense—and repeat them frequently,” said Aryeh Goretsky, Distinguished Researcher at ESET.
  • Use Different Passwords for Various accounts – If you are using the same password for everything you will get your complex password figured out. It’s the basic thing If somebody gets your password, the first thing they are going to try is to see if that password works for other sites so that they can completely compromise your bank account, Facebook, credit cards,  etc.  It’s the digital equivalent of hiding the spare key under the mat of your front door.  Your data security is only as good as you make it.

The hardest part is remembering all your passwords.  Try to get a digital wallet; you can use one like eWallet from Ilium Software.  They have it for a variety of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.  This secure wallet can store all your passwords and even includes a password generator that can be used to create these complete passwords.

  • Enable Text and Email Account Notifications – If there has been a security breach happened with your personal data, time becomes critical.  So it is important that on your accounts, you have enabled text and email notifications for any changes to your accounts.  For example:  If something changes on your Facebook account (email address, password, a device accessing my account, etc.), you can have a text message as well as an email sent to you.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from test4prep.com. He has passed 70-680 exam. Currently he preparing for CISSP exam. He likes to write about technology and social media.