Balayage hair is the style that has been used by many people for some time now, however it is timeless and it is gaining the popularity again. It is the most popular hair color that people are using now.   If you want to try this method, you can get the professional insight about such booming hair coloring.

What’s balayage

 It is a French word and it means to paint and to sweep. It leads to the hair color that looks sun kissed.  This is what the nature gives to the children, soft hair with no re growth lines.  The principal idea is creating natural and soft looks.

How the balayage should be applied

The balayage has to be applied at the surface and should not be saturated within the section up to the tip. If this is not the case, you will have to the streak of the color which does not look soft.  It may also be called the free hand technique because there is no meche or foil that it is used in creating highlights.

What makes it different?

This is the style customized just for you. The good balayage expert is going to use the color that will suit the skin tone and it will look amazing and light up the features.

Why it is so popular

The technique had been used mostly in UK in the past and it now becoming known for many models and other celebrities. People are not seeing it at the red carpets or catwalk. They want to get a finish rather uniform highlight which foils the give.

How is the maintenance

There is not maintenance needed, since the hair will grow out beautifully and naturally.  This means that you will not have regrowth lines and it is possible to wear it for a long period without having to go to other appointments.  However, you have to protect it as you may do with other colors.  Use the color protecting conditioner and shampoo. Do regular treatment and use a heat protection if you are styling.

Can be used on all hair regardless of the lengths and types:

The balayage hair works on dark hair and light hair.  The latest technique is called blonde where blonde and brown tones are put together. Blonde is good for the dark haired clients who wish to going for a light color.  It will look cool and neutral. The choice to make will depend on what you or your colourist sees fit. Balayage can fit any hair but not too short cropped hair.

Why is it timeless

This is a low maintenance hair style; it is modern and natural technique.  It is also flattering. The hair looks attractive and it cannot go out of the fashion. The balayage have a gorgeous finish and it looks expensive, glossy and nature enhanced. It may be strong and natural, whatever you want. Everything will depend on the application technique.