You were having a pleasant stroll in the mall, and you suddenly slipped onto a wet floor, that was not prior marked for attention and caution. You have suffered a severe injury and might have to be bed-ridden for a month or more.  After the immediate medical attention and necessary care, you must straightaway file a premise liability claim against the negligent mall owner since this is a case of trip and fall and falls under occupiers liability or as it’s called in jurisdiction term Premise liability.



Premise Liability refers to the liability that a property owner has for any incident happening on their land. The incident could be a slip and fall; the harm was done at a construction site, inadequate equipment system, injury occurring at a rental property out of commision security system. It falls under the personal injury law, and the main reason behind the claim is property owner’s inadequacy in warning about the hazard to its visitors.

Premise liability law varies according to the jurisdiction it falls in.  Lake Charles law has made it a legal obligation to The further proceeding and court action depends upon the relationship the owner and visitor share:

  • A grocery store owner has shoppers amongst its visitor. These are called business invitee who is based on the generation of profit from both the parties. The property owner must regularly inspect the property and restore any place with a hazard to it’s working order. Take for example the extensive red tapes in a specific mall area saying ‘do not cross work under progress.’
  • For someone who visits the property without seeking the permission of property owner is not liable for issuing any prior warning.

For guests visiting the area with permission, the property owner must warn the guests of hazardous area in any nook or corner of his property.


Just like a case of any personal injury issue, one must file for a premise liability law to a headache while dealing with the insurer for compensation claims like the medical expenditure which could range from  Emergency room care to rehabilitation or therapy.

  • A slip and fall attorney will generate substantial proof like pictures, witnesses. With penetrating eye, the attorney would be able to bring up evidence to support your claim.
  • The insurers have a knack of making the opposite party guilt-ridden by maneuvering them with their implications and suggestions. They are in the habit of trying to give the lowest compensation possible.  A slip and fall attorney will help you in guiding through the process of answering manipulative questions of the insurer with full conviction.
  • The insurance claim process can be emotionally draining, and you might find yourself stuck with nowhere to go. An attorney will help you from not falling for the first scanty offer being made by the insurer.

If you have suffered any trauma on a property due to the negligence of property owner and are not sure as to where to go further with the legal process, NCRLEGAL will help you in assisting and getting the indemnification you are entitled to.