A computer security breach can result in hours of lost work time, corrupted or lost data, financial loss, identity theft, and in many cases may damage the hard drive. Business and personal computer users need the right security software to protect their computers and sensitive information.

Security Breach: Programs You Need For Better Computer Protection

One of the best defenses against online thieves and hackers is an effective anti-malware program. Malware includes viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, and other malicious programs designed to breach user privacy, steal data, or harm computers. Security programs like these detect and remove malware.

Effective Computer Security Programs

Microsoft provides Windows Defender for systems running Windows 8 and above. Windows Defender offers high-level protection, monitoring for malware, and alerting the user to potentially harmful downloads. Users who don’t have the latest version of Windows can download the Microsoft Security Essentials for free. Microsoft’s tools provide one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to guard a Windows system.

Macintosh has Snow Leopard to protect Apple computers and updates in the background to keep Apple systems safe. Many anti-malware programs are available for all operating systems. Some of the top choices are Bitdefender, Symantec’s Norton, Kaspersky Total Security, and Trend Micro Maximum Security.

Free security options with good reputations include AVG and Avast. Only download security software from trusted sources.
To get the most from your security programs, become familiar with the settings and set the programs to update automatically. New threats appear constantly and the best programs offer frequent updates to minimize risks to your system.

How to Get Help in Case of a Security Breach

Because threats change continuously, it’s possible for a security breach to occur even to a computer armed with up to date protection. In case of a security breach, security software may be able to remove the virus, but in some cases the infection has to be removed manually.

Some problems are more difficult to resolve than others. Rootkits hide malware, allowing it to penetrate deep into the system for malicious purposes. These are complex, and can be challenging to eradicate. Ransom ware is a nasty infection that holds data hostage. Usually a message appears offering to unlock some files as a demonstration, and then the user has to pay to get access to the rest.

A remote computer repair service, like iTOK, can save hours of hassle and the risk of the situation worsening. Remote repair offers the convenience of having a technician take care of the system from offsite, saving you time and money. A good security program and trained repair professionals can keep your system secure and help if a breach ever occurs.

Keeping data, personal information and documents safe is the challenge of the digital world today. With the right tools and programs you can keep your computer secure and avoid losing everything with a simple click of the mouse.