Blog marketing and promotion is generally of great magnitude in the blogging agenda. Your concept and ideas of yourself has an incredible influence on how others comprehend you, be it your readers or other fellow bloggers. Perception is what the fact and reality is – the clearer perception you have, the more likely it is to succeed in marketing and  promoting your blog.

There are various other elements that can impact on  your blog promotion for example without being serious, not giving any importance to your task as such, not taking blogging as your vital endeavor or merely blogging only for fun’s sake. If you want to succeed in promoting the blog, make use of the following strategies. Following a few may also help.


Marketing and Promoting Your Blog

You can promote or market your blog in several ways, following are a few ways to promote your blog instantly.

–          Article directories: it is ones of the best ways to get acknowledged around your niche. All of these article directories offer your readers and also get you the back links to your blog. You can upload the best of your content to all the renowned directories, offering you with the best and superior promotion outcome.

  • Email marketing: This marketing technique has been utilized as an extensive marketing tool in the entire blogosphere. One of the best means to generate traffic and eventually an audience outside of your niche is to send them with a weekly newsletter that informs them or your subscribers of the latest promotions and posts, your blog has to propose or suggest.
  • Use social networking sites effectively: Social networking sites such as Linkedln, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter effectively support your blog in the immense way. Invest some time on such sites to launch a network considering your niche and concentrate on developing your own network. Marketing your blog offers more triumph, when you have good quality content in your blog. Do not forget to utilize the potential of social networking sites whenever you publish content onto your blog.
  • Compliment Fellow Bloggers: When we consider in a negative way about ourselves while marketing the blog, we repeatedly project the same belief on to others as well. To prevent doing so, start promoting your fellow bloggers too, particularly those who are in the similar niche as yours. Praise them and their efforts they show in their tasks. The advantage of doing this results in laying it on compact and precisely in the right place.
  • Be Up To Date: In most of the cases, bloggers commonly newbies, persistently struggle to concentrate on the outdated matters which is already being discussed by most of the professional bloggers. Try focusing on the prominent or hot issues and also, try to give solutions for them. Point them out and be the first one to know what’s going around your niche.
  • Make Comments: This is the foremost possible technique to generate traffic to your blog and market it in an enhanced way. Many bloggers, the beginners in particular never make comments on the other blogs. According to them other bloggers might not like it. This is not really defensible and justified. In broad-spectrum, bloggers are much more accepting than we imagine. Comment more on your blog and do not forget to aim and hit on popular blogs. Commenting on a couple of popular and most visited blogs will give your blog a Limelight.
  • Create Contests: If you want to quickly get noticed, then start with this. Invest some funds on the contests that you are holding on your blog; you will get the best content from the fellow bloggers or from the newbie to the blog. People prefer entering contest, mostly if there is a suitable prize in your blog. So, try to add this in your blog.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from He has passed SY0-301 test. Currently he preparing for VCP510 test. He likes to write about technology and social media.