What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the latest trend in protecting your loved ones and your home while you are away on a business trip, vacation or simply running some quick errands. It can include the ability to control lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, security locks and other systems in your home while you are away through the integration of information technologies. For example, many of these devices may be synched with your computer, laptop, notepad or smartphone allowing you 24/7 access.  But, how do these home automation trends help keep your home safe and what are their benefits? Let’s take a look.

How Home Automation Trends Keep Your Home Safe

Added Safety

One of the best advantages of home automation is the added safety for you, your loved ones and your home. When you are away, you can check on things from your phone, note pad or computer. This is great to have when you are not sure if you turned off the stove or coffee maker off after making breakfast or you can conserve energy while you are away on a long trip by turning off the lights. This is also useful, if you want to make it look like someone is at home by scheduling certain times for your lights to come on and off. This is also well paired with systems like the ADT Security Systems Seattle Washington , where you can further secure your home.

Automatic Locks

Another feature of home automation that increases the safety of your home is automatic locks. Perhaps you forgot to lock the door this morning when you were rushing out to get the kids to school or to work or maybe you had your hands full carrying out diaper bags, briefcases and of course the coffee you just brewed.  You don’t have time to turn around and go back to lock it. Automatic door locks are great for situations like these allowing you piece of mind knowing this can be fixed in the matter of seconds by tapping your smart phone application.

Security Cameras

Since we all live busy lives and do not have the ability to be in more than one place at a time, home automation allows you to be able to do this by giving you access to security cameras that record and keep an eye on things while you are away. This enables you to make sure no uninvited guests are prowling around your house while you are asleep or out as the security cameras record clips of movement it detects.

Another advantage of home automation is being able to control temperature while you are away. Often times we are in a rush and may forget to turn off the air conditioner or heater while walking out the door with our long list of things to do. Don’t worry, you can adjust this through the tap of your smart phone.

Perhaps, one of the best advantages of home automation is being able to keep an eye on our children and knowing they are safe. This is done through a number of ways. You can ensure that they make it home after school even f they forgot or misplaced their house key. You can also see who is coming in and out through the security cameras and even make sure that the porch light is on when they come home from a date or a night out with friends. Speaking of dates, maybe you and your spouse are going out with home automation you can be assured of the safety of your kids and have a worry free night. So go out and check out that movie you’ve been dying to see or try out that new try out that new restaurant.

Home automation lets you stay in control even while you are away. You can feel peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and home are safe from harm while you go on a date, are on vacation or at work. Want more information on home automation, then check out Home Depot’s blog or their home automation selection with reviews.