According to Google Analytics, 51% of Smartphone users will buy from a retailer that has a mobile version for its website. This huge market is far from being fully exploited, as only 5% of website has a mobile version.

77% of smartphone users use a social network after searching with the engine, which means that they also post whatever they find there on the their Facebook walls. 90% of smartphone searches will conclude in an action. Even Google was not able to predict such a massive growth of the mobile industry. As the owner of a website, you must use the lack of those websites by increasing your mobile presence.

Major companies optimize and improve their website often, but as a small blogger, you might not have the budget. However, you still have some good methods at your disposal. Paid advertising for mobile is a good way, but this also costs money.

The SEO rules applied in the desktop world are the same for mobiles. A search on Google gives about the same results as a search on mobile. In the case of desktop searches, the visitor will click the first of second result, but on mobile, the visitor will click several websites until finding one that has a mobile version.

Best SEO practices for mobiles

1. Keywords work the same in the mobile world. Usually, the techniques that were applied for the desktop website are enough for mobile also. The trick is to write smaller Meta tags and titles, so the mobile viewer can read as much as possible from the title.

2. Mobile friendly website – you can create a specialized version for your website, even with a corresponding application in the Android market. Others prefer to create only a mobile friendly version of their websites. This is indeed simple to do even with some free programs. The problem is that viewers are looking for complete mobile websites today, and this is what you need to offer.

3. Mobile URL’s – the Mobile URL is a redirect link from the main page of the website to your mobile version. This version has the form, or Today, owners of websites prefer the simple for mobile terminals, especially because the large screen phones today are able to display the content of an entire page.

Looking for keywords

Even if SEO that you have made for the desktop website might seem enough, you can optimize the website for mobile searches. This is effective especially for companies selling products online. If a user searches “cheap tennis shoes online”, you can be sure that he will probably buy something.

In Google Analytics, you can filter the searches made on mobile phones. Use this to find your keywords. It is even possible to filter local searches. As the owner of a restaurant, you must be sure that your business is fond fast in your area, with the right directions, whenever somebody searches “good restaurant food in Tacoma”.

By following these simple rules, you will make your mobile website one of your main resources of clients.

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