The factor that makes the PPC marketers more productive than any other online marketing professional is that PPC marketers always have access to data, therefore, this access helps them in generating good result and improve the results every next time they undertake the same activity

The factor most emphasized by pay per click service provider is the selection of keyword. It is one factor that single handedly can increase the fruits received from a campaign exponentially or mar the whole effort. Moreover, there are different tactics associated with keywords when measuring their performance. One such tactic is to find the top Qualifier among the keywords and target such keywords accordingly.

The lines below give a detail of what a Qualifier is, determining of top Qualifier, and the way of generating a Qualifiers report.


In general terms, a Qualifier is basically a word that is used around the target keywords of a campaign to attract greater and more qualified audience. The main objective of using Qualifier with target keywords is to increase the sales by attracting traffic that is most willing and interested in the offerings of the business. Some of the words that most commonly are Qualifiers include:

  • Cheap
  • Online
  • Buy
  • Sale

Determining of Top Qualifier:

There are different metrics a business can use to select the top Qualifier for the same campaign as well as for different accounts. The general major metric used by online marketers to determine a qualifier these days is its contribution in the volume of the percentage sales. The steps in finding the top qualifier include:

  • Running of an SQR (Search Query report) for either the same account or accounts of different campaigns
  • The top qualifier can be considered the one that offers the most conversions and the affect of whose conversions can be seen in improvement of sales
  • More contribution a Qualifier makes to the percentage volume of sales, greater chance of it being the top Qualifier
  • Besides top qualifier there could be top performer words as well, which would be the ones that have low conversion rate but a greater contribution to sales

The results of an SQR would all be related to the qualifier words only, which would give almost 20-25% of the total sales, whereas the major part of the sales would still depend upon branded keywords and terms that have no qualifiers.

Qualifier Report Generation:

Like for link building a business uses SEO link building services, similarly in PPC a business can hire a professional PPC provider to find out the top Qualifier. However, if a business still wishes to find out the top qualifier itself, then the following steps need to  be followed:

  • Run a Search Query report
  • Next a tab should be added in the report
  • From the list shortlist only top 10 qualifiers
  • In the sheet apply formulas that give the sum of Conv. Column
  • Sum up the conversion column
  • In another column, the sales percentage should be calculated. The sales calculation should be done by dividing the total sales over sales by the top qualifier
  • The qualifier that has most contribution in sales is your top qualifier


In short, by finding out the top Qualifier, a PPC manager can manage a campaign in a better way so that the business receives the maximum relevant traffic that consequently lead to greater results in terms of leads and sales.