PHP also known as Hypertext Preprocessor is turning out to be one of the fastest growing requirements the domain of online industry. This will help you to develop and craft a website quickly. In this 21st century you will find continuous growth on the field of design and development. Therefore, more of the Web development companies are going for web applications in Hypertext Preprocessor. In the competitive market more and more companies are racing hard to hire PHP developer at an affordable cost and get high quality work in return.

php developer

In this century with the rise in demand in the field of PHP, there are hundreds of PHP developers who are striving hard to prove their capability in the field of PHP.

Now the basic question lies “How can you get hold of an efficient good PHP Developer?”

Though it is not at all a simple and easy question but, it is rather a challenge to hire the right PHP developer to do your work. The person should be quite capable of handling the PHP programming to create dynamic sites in accordance to the demand and requirement.

Mentioned below are some of the traits that you need to follow to hire the right candidate for the above mentioned job.

Ø  Experience of the Candidate – Before you plan to hire PHP develop always find out the experience level of the candidate in web application. Remember, in any professional sector experience matters the most. Find out whether the developer is apt with the new trends and requirements of the users. A good PHP Developer should be well capable of changing the present market trends and scenarios.

Ø  Portfolio of the Candidate – Have a close look at the portfolio of the candidate well and check out the kind of work the candidate is well versed in. Validate the coding that is completed by him to get hold of the knowledge that the candidate has on the subject matter. 

Ø  Regular Progress Checking – An experienced PHP developer should have a staging server that will facilitate you to go through each and every minute development in the project thoroughly. Therefore, it is always advised to check out the staging server before you plan to hire a PHP Developer.

Ø  References – Along with check minute details related to the project you also need to check out the other persons associated with the project. This will help you to know more on the professionalism of the candidate and expertise.

Ø  Minimum Runtime – This is bit different from the other scripting languages. PHP web coding is rated with regard to minimum runtime. This will help you to see the ability of the candidate to manage a project with the help of minimum coding. A PHP Developer with minimum coding for a project is obviously a better choice for hiring.

Ø  Security – The financial pages of Web Development are quite inclined to code hacking and therefore, you should hire a PHP Developer who is well aware of these problems. He should be capable of putting security enabled scripts that a hacker cannot hack.

Ø  Finance – Finance is the last thing that you should consider. If the candidate is good it will be turn out to be utter foolishness if you don’t hire him.

So, these are the aspects you need to consider before you plan to hire PHP developer.

About the author:-

Tom Brown is an experiences web developer and hand on experience in php programming, wordpress. If you want to know about him follow Google+