There are still people today who don’t lock their doors even though burglaries are very common crimes. Usually, those people are elderly over 65 who leave alone and are afraid people won’t be able to enter and help them. Additionally, people who leave in small towns and closed communities where everyone knows everybody also leaves their doors unlocked.

In 2017, FBI released a statement presenting statistics on the crimes during 2016 in the USA. The data states that burglaries dropped 4.6%, as well as that arrest rate was 64.3 per 100.000 inhabitants. This decrease in burglaries is attributed to people more and more using the home security systems. In addition, this has become a global trend. Research suggests that by 2020 the home security device market will be worth US$37.2 billion.

If you are among those millions of consumers, here is some advice how to improve your home security system. There are significant advancements when it comes to the devices and even some DIY solutions.

  1. Reinforce the door locks

First and foremost – lock your doors. The locks exist for a reason, and even if you leave the house for just a few minutes, make sure it’s locked. Of course, the type of lock you have on your door is very important. Some locks are easy to pick while others are designed to prevent just that.

Choose the doors made of hard material, like wood core or metal since these can’t be opened by a kick. You have to lock every door in your house, even the sliding ones and those that open only from the inside.

To reinforce your door security, you can buy the smart locks. This product will make sure that all your doors are locked by using the smartphone app. It can also be set to automatically lock the doors if the other devices determine you’re not home.

  1. Secure the windows

Windows are also the most usual point of entry for the burglars. This is especially the case during warmers seasons when people like to leave their windows open. However, if you live on the first floor, avoid doing this since you might be among 23% of those who get robbed.

Install a security grill or burglar bars on all windows. You can also install locks on windows, but that can be too many keys to use. Drapes are also one of the ways to conceal the view to the room so it wouldn’t be tempting to burglars.

  1. Place the warning stickers

Find the most visible place on your doors and windows and put warning stickers there. You have several options. The ones saying that the house is protected by the alarm system are the most effective. As are the warning signs for the dog. You can either print these yourself or contact your police station and consult them how to proceed.

  1. Use light timers

The great thing about the modern technology is that you can do a lot remotely. There are new devices on the market which allow you to control appliances over your smartphone. All you need is to have access to the Wi-Fi network and installed an app on your phone. This can be a neat option if you want to be home before the dark and need to turn the lights on.

However, if you forget to use the app you can always install timers which will switch the lights on automatically. All you need to do is set the timers at the certain time and they’ll do the work. They’re cheaper than previously mentioned devices and will guarantee to turn the lights on.

  1. Alarm system

One way to repel burglars is to install an alarm system. They are quite effective and will create a considerable noise. The only trick with the alarm system is that you have to know how to set activate it. Before you buy one, consult with a security expert and look at the reviews. Sometimes it’s more useful to evaluate other people’s experience and see their recommendations.

Another extra benefit is that some alarm systems are connected to the police or control center. This may cost more and you would have to hire a company to install it. However, being connected to the response center will certainly be much better than calling the police yourself.

  1. Install motion detection lights

Motion detection is not unusual today. Many buildings use them to light the way for the tenants and visitors to the entrance. But what makes them irreplaceable is that you can install them in the backyard, terrace or any other critical access to your home. You can discuss with your neighbours and make a wholesale LED lighting purchase. You can use the big ones for the yard, such as reflector lights. They will surely chase away anyone who tries to set the foot on your property without permission.

  1. Outdoor lights

Motion detection lights are one thing and installing them doesn’t mean you don’t need outdoor lighting. You can switch them on and off which will show that someone is at home. LED lights are cheaper, spend less energy and last longer so consider positioning them all around the house. This will cover the whole property and won’t leave any dark corners.

A great thing about them is that they can also be controlled by the timer. You can choose if you want them in yellow or white brightness, or even install different types where you need them.

  1. Buy a home safe

You may think you hid all your valuables, but experienced burglars know all the places. Installing a high-quality home safe is not so expensive anymore and should consider having one. Sensitive belongings, like jewelry, money, documents and other things you deem valuable belong in the safe.

Home safes need some special installation, like being anchored to the floor or permanently inserted in the wall. This measure prevents burglars from taking it with them. Avoid places like behind the painting in your study or in the cupboard. Be little more creative than that and always keep the code a secret.

Final thoughts

You can never be too careful, and installing home security system is one of the things you should plan for. Talk to your neighbours and go to the police programs about protecting your home. Before you decide to spend money and time on several devices, consult an expert. Depending on the type of your home, smart locks may be enough or you’ll have to buy the whole package.