Windows can come in all sizes and shapes. If you want them to stand out, however, you need to enhance them by using window treatments and decors. What you are looking for are draperies and kaihtimet or blinds that will demand attention. Find out the latest trends when it comes to window treatments.

Going Natural

Nature has a way of giving a home a calming atmosphere. If you want a window treatment style that will complement your wooden flooring and neutral walls, then you might want to choose natural-colored curtains and blinds. A color that reminds you of the beach is a pretty good choice.

Trimmed Look

You can personalize your window treatment by adding decorative embellishments. Leading interior designer Jennifer Duneier suggest that you use a trim. This will add a custom design to your window. Beaded trim is a good choice for any home. However, you can also choose to go with buttons or shells. Just make sure that your trim will work well with your window treatment and the rest of the room decor.

Warming The Room

The design world has focused on neutral and cool colors in the previous years, but it’s time for you to embrace warm tones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with terracotta. This will create a soft palette with a touch of spice. If you want to gain design prominence, you might want to choose red, orange, and purples hues. These colors will add warmth to your room.

Sheer Fabric

Transparent fabrics are popular in the fashion world, but you can also use it in interior design. Allow the light to enter the room by using window fashions that feature sheer fabric. Though they are not thick enough to block the light, they will allow you the privacy you need. You can choose curtains with bold vane designs to match the rest of your interior.

Layered Shades

Another recent trend in the home design world is the layered shades. You can install a blackout shade next to a window with a sheer shade on it. This allows you to take better control of your style and the light that enters the room. The sheer shade will offer softly-filtered light while the blackout shade will offer a clean and streamlined look.

Eco-Friendly Design

There are many energy-efficient shades that allow you to conserve energy. However, the most popular among all of them is Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb shades. This window treatment has been created in response to the energy crisis in the 1970s. The honeycomb shades can provide beauty and energy efficiency in both warm and cold climates. They use honeycomb construction traps to create insulation.

Fun Patterns

Picking a patterned curtain is tricky as you have to consider whether or not it will complement the rest of the room decor. However, if you find the right one, you will be able to create a dramatic focal point in the space. Choose contemporary designs like geometric-patterned draperies.


If you are looking for window treatment ideas to use this year, you might want to give the tips mentioned above a try.