Home improvement projects are typically performed during spring, summer and fall. There are far fewer projects performed during the winter. Even basic tasks, such painting the fences and replacing windows can be difficult to do during the winter. The most common solution is by waiting until spring. Even so, there are a number of things we can do during the winter. One of the most common tasks we need to do is by sweeping the chimney. During the fall, we should have our chimney cleaner and we may need to hire professionals to do this. Birds nest, twigs and leaves could get stuck in the chimney, blocking the ventilation and endangering our health.

How to Stay Safe During Winter

Just weeks before winter arrives, chimney should be checked for possible problems. Cap should also be prepared to prevent water and debris from entering during a blizzard. Windows and doors should also be sealed. We should weather strip and caulk gaps around windows and doors to prevent cold draft from coming in and warm air from escaping. Caulk gun is quite affordable and it could be obtained at any home improvement store. If our area is known for possible occurrence of blizzard, storm windows should be installed. They will provide additional insulation and can protect windows against flying debris. In general, it is about insulate, insulate and insulate. The type and degree of insulation could depend on our location. Typically, we need 12-inch of insulation. Attic door should also be insulated to prevent warm air to slowly escaping, making our interior colder. Good insulation could also make our house cooler, if we use air conditioning unit.

In order to minimize works during winter, we should also need to check the roof. Loose shingles need to be replaced and damages could be sustained from early winter rain and snowstorms. Tree limbs should be trimmed if they have above our roof, Accumulated snow or blizzard could cause them to fall and damage our roof. The heating system should be checked regularly and dirty filter needs to be replaced. This will make sure that the heat efficiency of our home can kept at an acceptable level. Setback thermostat should be used properly and it could keep our house warm. It should be able to properly regulate the interior temperature properly. Removing dust and keeping vents open should make our heating system works more efficiently.

By having vents open, we should be able to evenly distribute warm air evenly around our house. During winter, the house is tightly insulated and it is important for us to install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarm. There should be backup batteries inside the house, so we could keep these sensors and warning systems operational during very cold winter days. Screen should be placed on the fireplace to prevent sparks that could cause fire on nearby paper and flammable carpet. Clothes, old books, cardboard boxes, paper and other flammable material should be placed far from the furnace; because they may represent fire hazard.