Lately, the uncalled smog spreading over cities has alarmed almost every individual. Air pollution is becoming a widespread concern among those who are compelled to breathe in that environment and inhale pollution laced with oxygen.

Although the government is taking several major and significant measures to curb this issue, however, no proper results are there to be seen. This is the reason why most people are taking the matters in their own hands. One of the prominent solutions that has come up in the recent years to combat the problem is the use of air purifiers.

With an increase in air pollution and the health problems followed by it, people are investing more in room air purifiers. But, do they really work? How can you gain advantages from this appliance? Check it out here.

Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

If only you have installed them adequately and know how to use them properly, air purifiers can turn out to be efficient in enhancing the air quality in your house. They not only tackle smogand dust particles but even keep air-borne microorganisms at bay.

However, these air purifiers vary greatly based on their features and actions. So, while choosing one, you need to be cautious of your requirements. An air purifier meant to remove dust wouldn’t work to prevent you from smog.

Types of Air Purifiers:

Although there are several types of air purifiers available, however, the below-mentioned ones have gained immense popularity over the past few years.

  • HEPA Purifiers:

By using HEPA technology for dust collection, these types of purifiers are said to eradicate 99.97% of pollutant particles. With these purifiers, you can easily get rid of pet hair, dust, particulate matter, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and other pollutants.

  • Ozone Air Purifiers:

Ozone air purifiers are another well-acknowledged purifier that use Ozone disinfection technology to keep your indoors clean and sterile. These purifiers tend to produce a significant oxidizing agent, Ozone is competent enough to kill harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses from your house.

Can Air Purifiers Help You Breathe Easily?

If you are dealing with asthma or any sort of allergy, there would be several things that would act as a deterrent for you in normal breathing. Apart from smog, if you have pets in your home, they can pollute the indoor air. While vacuums may not always help, having an air purifier can remove airborne dust particles from your house, which eventually leads to hassle-free breathing.

Advantages of Buying an Air Purifier:

There are several advantages that you can accrue by buying a room air purifier. Some of them include:

  • Eradication of 99.9% germs, bacteria, and viruses from the air inside the house
  • Beneficial for those dealing with Asthma
  • Prevention of smoke and any other bad odour present in the air

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier:

Below-mentioned are some features that you must consider in an air purifier before buying it:

  • Required Features

It is essential to look at the features of an air purifier before buying it, such as fan circulation, servicing indicator, programmable timer, speed number, remote control, ionizer, dirt sensor, pre-filter, and others.

  • Noise-Making Tendency

Checking out the noise level of the purifier is quite essential. After all, you wouldn’t want to disturb those sleeping or working in the house. So, you need to look into this factor before buying an air purifier.

  • The capacity of Air Volume:

Air purifiers vary based on the air volume capacity. So, if rooms in your house are large, then you must buy the one with high capacity and vice-versa.

Room air purifiers have become an important appliance over the years, considering the level of pollution people are facing in metropolitan cities. Thus, if you are also residing in a polluted city, it becomes even more vital for you to buy one to prevent your loved ones from harmful viruses and airborne diseases.