Moving house is, it is a matter of common knowledge, one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. While the science shows it’s not actually as stressful as death, divorce or redundancy, this just means there are services on hand that can make it better for you. As with many things in life, you can move house well or badly, and today we’re having a look at three services that can help you move house well.

A Good Storage Company

Self-storage is an under-used asset for house movers and finding a good storage company can improve moving day in several important ways.

The most obvious and direct way is that it means you have less to do on the day itself: putting your bulkiest, most inconvenient items into storage in advance means on a day when you need to be worrying about getting to your new address on time, completing any last cleaning jobs and starting your new life there, you have one less thing to worry about, lowering your stress levels about the whole affair.

Even more helpful, some storage companies will collect and drop off your stored items for you, meaning  they act as a moving company for you. If you’re interested, one of the London companies that offers this service is byStored, so click through to visit their site.


One of the many decisions you’ll need to take is whether to use a removals firm to complete your move to your property. It can be expensive, and it means some lost flexibility on the day, as you have to be ready to meet the precise time slot you’ve booked your movers for.

One the other hand, it does mean that your precious possessions will be handled by professionals whose reputation and the future of their business, rests on packing them efficiently and moving them safely and speedily. Friends who aren’t movers may mean well but don’t have the experience to avoid damaging either your property or their body which could also endanger your friendship!


If you’ve ever rented a flat, the desperate, last minute clean will be a rueful memory for you. If you don’t leave the property in sparkling condition, you run the risk of having the cost of a clean deducted from your deposit – and that cost is always mysteriously more than any cleaning service you can find yourself!

Scheduling a clean for your last day in a flat means you don’t have to worry about having to fit in a full day’s cleaning work as well as moving house and cuts the stress to near zero!